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SEO tricks for magento

Magento is everyone’s favorite when it comes to e-commerce development. An overwhelming number of developers count on Magento. Nearly 500,000 websites run on this fantastic open source e-commerce platform. What more? SEO for Magento can get your store on top of the search engine pages. All you need to do is follow these simple SEO tricks for Magento to win:

Install the Latest Version of Magento

Each new version comes with fresh Magento SEO updates that give your site better visibility on the search page. Therefore make sure you are using the latest version of Magento.

Simplify URLs

Don’t include product or category codes in the URL. A clean URL, which clearly indicates your page content, is friendly to both your prospects and search engines. In addition, remove index.php from your URLs and the search engines will love your site.

Optimize Categories

Optimizing category pages for each group of product is one of the most important SEO tricks for Magento. Write good keyword-based descriptions for each of your product and categories so that search engines can pop up results when potential customers shop for related items. In addition, create a unique URL Key, every time you add a new category, a product, or page to your site. Remove stop-words such as ‘and’, ‘the’, and the likes for better result.

Optimize Product Images

Although images are one of the most important aspects of e-shopping, unfortunately image optimization still remains one of the most neglected parts of Magento optimization. Therefore image URLs such as photo123.jpg are so easy to find in the Internet. But how does a URL like this make any sense? Now compare it with this one – Mango-red-pullover-small.jpg. Clearly a descriptive keyword-rich product image alt tag makes a world of difference for the shoppers on the lookout for similar items.

Avoid Duplicate Content

E-stores often get penalized by the search engines for showing duplicate content. Don’t let your site suffer such an assault. However it may happen, albeit unintentionally, when you want to show the same product in several categories, or when the same products show up in third-party merchant sites, in review sites and the others in their ilk. You can avoid the penalty by setting ‘Canonical Link’ tag. This enables you to prompt search engines to pick up your preferred version of the URL for each page. It involves a simple process – go to System>Configuration>Catalog>Search Engine Optimization and turn the ‘Canonical Link Meta Tags’ on.

These five SEO tricks for Magento can go a long way to improve organic traffic for your e-store. If you are not happy with the current volume of traffic to your site, our Magento SEO services can help you attain the desirable result. Get in touch with us here.

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