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10 Custom Mobile Apps You Can’t Do Without

Mobile Apps

Be it to shed a few kilos or rustle up some gourmet grub, be it to manage savings or get some adrenaline rush from G2 car race – there is a mobile app for everything. However, app markets are seemingly in chaos, and it is not easy to tell useful from the gibberish.

For those keen on easing life with smart tools, but not in a spirit to sift through millions in the App Store or Google Play Store, here are 10 custom mobile apps that can change your life in 10 different ways, for better. To add to your delight, they come free too!

1. Hot5 to stay fit: From basic stretching to yoga, this app offers five-minute instructional videos by famous trainers.

hot5, fitness app, mobile app

hot5- mobile app

2. Waze to get around: This GPS-based geographical navigation app leverages community intelligence to make your commuting painless as far as possible.

3. Evernote to stay organized: By facilitating easy storing, organizing and sharing, Evernote app lets you ‘remember everything’, literally, making sure that your brilliant ideas and valuable information are never lost in the piles of many other documents.

4. Office lens to digitalize documents that matter: Quickly scan any document – a receipt, a photo and more with this app, and also turn the images into Word file for further convenience.

5. Mint to track personal finance: Besides giving a complete view of your finance through intuitive graphs and charts, it helps maintain a healthy spending-saving ratio.

6. Facebook and Facebook Messenger to mingle: These two apps let you hang around where all activities are.

7. Instagram to share the moments of your life: Shoot, edit and share — yes, it is that easy to share photos with this app.

instagram, mobile app

Instagram Account

8. Yelp to go foodie: Check out the eateries in town, their menus and rates with this app for top gastronomic experience.

9. Pandora to stay tuned to your favorite music: This app brings radio stations of your choice right on your mobile device.

10. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner to cook exotic food: It lets you toss up interesting meals using left over stuff in your refrigerator.

Most importantly, stop stocking mobile apps that you never or seldom use. Save storage to download the ones that you’d use the most and thereby improve the quality of your life.

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