27 May' 15

10 Signs that Your Website Needs an Upgrade

A website is the most effectual modern day tool to communicate your information and promote your business to a wide audience. To reach out to your target audience, however, having a website that’s up-to-date in all respects is important. We discuss the top 10 signs that explain when and why your website needs an upgrade.

It’s an ever changing world, and so is the World Wide Web. Technology is advancing, designs are getting a facelift, target audiences are evolving, competition is increasing and social media is taking over our lives by the horns. Be it to keep pace with such ongoing changes and thereby grabbing eyeballs and generating leads or to find yourself at the top of search rankings, there aren’t one or two but innumerable reasons why your website might need an upgrade. Wondering if your site needs an upgrade, too? Ask yourself the following 10 questions and you will find the tell-tale signs:
Web re-engineering
Has it been long that I completely overhauled the site?
If yes, it’s definitely time for a stock check. As a general thumb rule, you must constantly monitor the usability and ranking of your site, and revamp at least once in three years. Constant monitoring itself will give you reasons to address the flaws that demand attention.

Is my first impression a lasting one?
Both, lack of sufficient or too much information can get your audience disinterested. Let the navigations be simple. Keep your site no-fuss yet focused with well-packed info. Add relevant high resolution photos wherever required, add videos and working links to make it look complete. With just the optimum amount of right content, you can go a long way in creating a lasting relationship with your customer. If your site lacks in any of all of these, it’s time to make the additions (and deletions).

Does my site have broken links or does it take too long to load?
Check the site for broken links or if the links are leading to a ‘404 not found’ page or taking too long to load. All these can irk your target audience. If you have just a couple of instances, get those fixed. If there are too many broken links and error messages, you must opt for a comprehensive website redesign, which will take account of the installation of the entire content management system. Meanwhile, optimize your site so that it does not take more than five seconds to load.

Has Google changed its search algorithm?
If your site is not at par with Google’s frequent or say, its most recent algorithm change, your ranking will fall and you’ll obviously lose traffic. Don’t forget to monitor your traffic wit Google Analytics as this will allow you to keep a watch on the information about your traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is easy to fix and will save you from web traffic slumps. Work on the title tags, Meta descriptions and keywords.

Is my site not generating sales leads?
Well, if you have not incorporated SEO into your site or if your site doesn’t comply with the updated search rules, it’s unlikely that anybody is going to even find you on the web. Embed tools that are supply information on and from site visits. Find out who is actually stopping at your page and what are they really looking for. Track these info and work around them to transform a site visit into a sale.

Has the purpose of my website has changed?
Upgrade your site as per your marketing strategy. When you built your site, your goal was probably to find plush service apartments for the expatriate community. Now, your goal may be to render these services to local high net worth individuals. Tweak your content and site navigation to make it relevant and match your goals.

Does my site look professional enough?
When you started your site, you might be a small amateur businessman but over the years you may have turned into a successful business honcho. Your site must reflect the change, too. Invest in an expert website designer to recreate a site that looks swish and chic, smart and professional. Mind the typos in your site content to save unwarranted embarrassment, and in case your resolution is 800×600, immediately change that to 1366×768 as that is the popular screen resolution now.

Is my site responsive?
In this smartphone age, this is probably the first question that you should ideally be asking yourself when mulling over a site upgrade. Make your website mobile-compatible. If your website is not mobile-friendly, as per Google’s update since April, this years, your ranking will fall drastically, and soon you will become invisible on the web.

How secure is my site?
Nothing can be more damaging than a security flaw. Hackers are forever on the prowl to steal info, and if hacked, your site may be blocked from search engines or be virus infected. This will put your as well as your customer/client’s data at stake. While e-commerce websites should go for a full security check up every month, others must do it at least once in six months.

Am I there on the social block?
Does your business website have a corresponding page on Facebook? Do you have enough followers on Twitter? Integrating your social media activities with your website is the call of the day but mindlessly having automatic Facebook or Twitter posts or spamming your customers with feeds isn’t enough either. Hire a social media specialist who can work out innovative, creative and effective ways to place your site out THERE on the social circuit.

Now, if the answer to all these questions comes in the negative, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. In other words, it’s time to upgrade your website, right away!

Debasmita Ghosh

Content- Manager

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