Monthly Archives: May 2015

27 May' 15

10 Signs that Your Website Needs an Upgrade

A website is the most effectual modern day tool to communicate your information and promote your business to a wide audience. To reach out to your target audience, however, having a website that’s up-to-date in all respects is important. We discuss the top 10 signs that explain when and why your website needs an upgrade.

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18 May' 15

Come August 3, Google will pull off the plug on PageSpeed

Users are well acquainted with what can be termed as Google’s seasonal purging efforts that involve getting rid of apparently non-lucrative projects in favor of new, more exciting ones. Google's Translation APIs and Google Woza are good cases in point. This time it is the page speed service that got axed as the internet giant is calling for “refocus” into areas that need more attention.

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12 May' 15
google ordering system

Google Whets World Appetite: Lets Users Order Food Straight From Search

Tech giant Google has done it again!After revolutionizing the world of search and mails, it’s now on its way to flare up the fire in your belly.As part of its latest service roll out, the search giant has introduced a feature that allows users across the US to order food directly from its search results page.

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07 May' 15
native hybrid app

Native Vs hybrid — the ‘app’solute choice

Be it to write an important mail on the go, know what’s trending on social media, book a quick cab, a movie ticket or perhaps a table at a busy resto, mobile phone applications are the life savers in today’s fast-paced world. If you are in a business with a high consumer connect, nothing can help reach out to your target audience better than a smart and easy-to-navigate app because Smartphones are where people across ages, economic stratas and geographies are hooked on to.

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01 May' 15
google update april

Be Mobile Ready or Lose Traffic, Google Warns

It’s a mobile-dependent world. From paying bills on the go to buying grocery, finding a date, a restaurant in the vicinity or scouting social media if a friend is safe following a calamity —smartphones are inherent parts of our lives through work and play. It is therefore hardly surprising that handheld devices bring in more traffic than their bigger siblings — the PCs and the laptops.

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