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30 Jul' 15


Soon after the launch of Windows 10 on July 29, Satya Nadella (centre), the CEO of Microsoft tweeted from his handle ‏@satyanadella, saying, “Honored to celebrate with #Windows10 fans in Nairobi and meet the next-generation of innovators! (sic)”
Following the release of Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29 amid much fanfare, like a proud mum, tech biggie Microsoft gushed on microblogging site Twitter, saying, “The best Windows ever is here… (sic)” In the world of technology, claims and reality rarely match.

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28 Jul' 15
apj abdul kalam

Even at Death, ‘People’s President’ APJ Abdul Kalam is an inspiration

Not every day a legend is born but India was certainly lucky to own this gem… alas, until yesterday. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam — the 11th President of India and the visionary, who armed the sub-continent with its first indigenous missile program, died following a cardiac arrest on Monday evening. And even at death, the 83-year-old continued to inspire us with his zest for life, passion for knowledge and self-belief.

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28 Jul' 15
android development with java

Why Get Rid Of Java As The Primary Language For Android Development?

In life, you either adapt or perish. The beauty of this simple statement is that the meaning holds true absolutely everywhere. While Android has been widely successful in crushing the monopoly of Apple with over 80 percent of shares in the smartphone operating system (OS) market, Android developers still find it more time consuming to develop the same app compared to iOS developers.

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27 Jul' 15

HTML5 – The New APIs That Are Making It Cooler!

Tools used to create powerful and effective web applications are getting enhanced with every passing year. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), the basic markup language of the Internet, is continuing its work to improve the use of multimedia and keep things as easy as possible for humans and machines alike.

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24 Jul' 15
Cloud ERP

ERP on Cloud — The Way to Smarter Business

Most companies that consider Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation often envision it to be an on-premise solution, something that will be installed across computers and other devices within an organization. On-premise ERP is extensive, expensive and quite often, resource draining as well.

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22 Jul' 15
ecommerce responsive checkout

Responsive Checkout – How does it add to your e-commerce experience?

The primary reason behind shopping cart abandonment is a complicated checkout page that does not offer a seamless experience to mobile users. Experts had already touted 2015 to be the year where mobile Internet usage would overtake desktop Internet usage. Standing on the brink of a paradigm shift, even search engine giants like Google have made it evident with its ‘Mobile Friendly Update’ that responsive design is the call of the hour.

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20 Jul' 15
Bahubali- The case study

Baahubali – How social media added to its box office success

When international leading dailies including The Guardian gives an Indian film, that too originally made in a regional language, four stars, there ought to be something spectacular about it. Well, we are talking about SS Rajamouli’s recently released magnum opus, Baahubali, touted as the most expensive film that the country has ever produced.

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17 Jul' 15
iOS 8.4

iOS 8.4 On iPhone 6: What New Are We Getting?

Apple unveiled the new iOS 8.4 on June 30, 2015… and thankfully, the primary focus of the update has been on the much-anticipated on-demand music streaming service – Apple Music. As digital music consumption has started to get more dependent on streaming than downloading, the late Steve Jobs envisioned tech giant informed that it was becoming needless to retain the traditional iTunes model anymore.

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16 Jul' 15
google trends realtime data

Google Trends Dons New Design – Dishes Out Real-Time Data

With Google rolling out an all-new ‘Google Trends’, data-driven journalism and content marketing game have received a new lease of life. For years, this online search tool helped journalists, researchers, marketers and amateur trend-trackers to find out what people across the globe wanted to know in the recent past – may be yesterday, or may be even earlier.

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14 Jul' 15
top mcommerce tips

10 M-Commerce Tips – How To Ace The Next Big Thing

Based on a recent report by US think tank Pew Research Center, nearly 64% of Americans own a smartphone. The increasing use of high-end mobile devices over the past couple of years has paved the way for mobile commerce or m-commerce. According to French personalized retargeting company, Criteo’s Q1 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report, mobile transactions in the US spiked up by 10% in the last three months.

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