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31 Aug' 15
Gifs in Content Marketing

GIFs in Content Marketing? Oh Yes!

Over the past few of years, content marketing has been increasingly shifting its focus towards the visual aspect. According to a study conducted by Demand Gen Report, a US-based publication that focuses on marketing strategies, in 2014 the use of info-graphics saw a whopping increase — from a meager nine percent it shot up to 52 percent, while video adoption jumped from eight percent to 58 percent.

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28 Aug' 15
Ubercart Or Drupal Commerce

Ubercart Or Drupal Commerce: Which One To Choose For Your Online Store?

As per latest figures, with approximately 47,000 installations to its credit, Ubercart seem to be gradually taking the thunder away from Drupal Commerce which has nearly 45 percent less downloads at 26,000 installations. Well, Drupal Commerce certainly has its own set of theatrics but Ubercart seem to be offering some cutting edge possibilities that are making it the cooler cousin.

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25 Aug' 15
Android 6.0 marshmallow

M For Marshmallow

Android Marshallow launch No it’s not milkshake or muffin, not even moon pie or mocha! Putting an end to all wild speculations yet keeping up with its lip-smacking nomenclature theme, search engine giant Google has christened the sixth version of its Android operating system (OS), Marshmallow.

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24 Aug' 15
Pinterest ecommerce shopping

Pinterest Buyable Pins Will Change How You Shop

According to comScore, a US-based Internet analytics company, Pinterest is the fastest social networking site to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors. With over 72.8 million global users (as of August this year), Pinterest has always been the perfect goldmine for e-commerce stores.

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21 Aug' 15
C# and dot net

Is C# here to stay for .NET?

If you thought C# has been around for far too long and that it must have lost its luster over these years, you are probably wrong. Whoever wishes to develop for the Microsoft ecosystem needs to use C# as a primary language.C# helps developers optimize everything that is Microsoft-related, be it building web apps using .

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18 Aug' 15
google chrome vs edge

Google Chrome Vs Microsoft Edge: Who Will Win The Browser Battle?

Let’s face it. With over one billion active users, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the king of all web browsers across the world. Who could’ve challenged it anyway? As of June this year, Mozilla Firefox, with 21.3 percent of browser usage, was the closest competitor to Chrome’s awe-inspiring 64.8 percent monopoly.

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17 Aug' 15
Backbone.jas developer

Add Structure to Your Codes and Simplify App Design with Backbone.js

Planning to opt for Java to script your web application development but getting lost in that mind-boggling range of frameworks? Given its high popularity quotient, using JavaScript code with the Backbone.js Model seems to be a great idea.

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11 Aug' 15
phonegap mobile app development

PhoneGap: The Answer To All Mobile App Development Needs

The rising dependency on mobile applications is driving businesses to perk up their investments in helping customers stay in touch on the go. According to Go-Globe, a Dubai-based web app design and development firm, the estimated worldwide revenue from mobile apps is predicted to reach 45 billion by the end of this year, and go on to touch 77 billion by 2017.

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07 Aug' 15
shield watch ISO certification


“Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.” – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India
Knock knock! Here’s some great news! We are proud to announce that Shield Watch Infotech Pvt. Ltd., our parent company, is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

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