Monthly Archives: October 2015

27 Oct' 15
digital engagement strategy

Go DIG-CAL – The Next Level of Customer Engagement

From digital to physical and vice versa – switching platforms, while shopping, is a common behavior that characterizes 21st century consumers. In an effort to catch up with this complex dynamics, retailers are revamping their customer engagement strategies.Deconstructing the concept of customer engagement has never been easy.

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19 Oct' 15
marshmallow Doze

Marshmallow’s DOZE MODE And How It Is Handled by GCM

It is not every day that a mobile operating system’s upgrade lives up to its promise. But that just might be happening with Android’s Marshmallow. According to a research by a German tech magazine Computer Base, a Marshmallow powered Nexus 5 enjoys almost three times more battery life that the same device running on its predecessor Lollipop.

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15 Oct' 15

Google Authorship – Is It Still Relevant?

It has been well over a year that Google has discontinued its Authorship program. We no longer see those familiar photos of individual authors in the search engine result pages (SERPs). There is absolutely no doubt that Google Authorship promoted and encouraged authors to come up with more high quality, data-rich content ever since it was introduced in 2011.

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07 Oct' 15
google analytics for apps

Measure Your App Performance through Google Analytics

Data is important and powerful. However, as far as raw data is concerned, more is not always merrier. You need to have a well-defined process in place to transform data into actionable insights. With over 80 percent of smartphone users accessing businesses via palmtop applications, it has becomes important for entrepreneurs to make sure that their apps do not get lost in an overcrowded marketplace.

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05 Oct' 15
GIFs In Facebook Page and Ad Posts

Should You Use GIFs In Facebook Page And Ad Posts?

Want to add zing to your social media marketing efforts? Simply animate your campaign with images that replay automatically on loops, and are lovingly called the ‘Reaction GIFs’ by Netizens. They give you a fun and compelling way to prove your point in online communities.

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