Monthly Archives: July 2016

29 Jul' 16

What Are Chatbots and How Are They Changing the World of Business

The times are different. You don’t look for Alice in Wonderland any more. Today’s ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) resides in the world of Internet.Welcome to chatbot, the next big gold rush in the field of online marketing.So what is it anyway?Let me explain.

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21 Jul' 16
brand identity

How to Design a Website That Boosts Your Brand Identity

Your company's website design is not about just throwing a few colors, adding graphics or uploading chunks of text. The design must reflect your brand's persona. When designing your business web pages, ensure that the colors, graphics, visuals, content and navigation are geared towards the enhancement of your brand.

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18 Jul' 16

What Is Laravel and Why Do You Need It for RESTful APIs

Applications are the heart and soul of business operations these days. From accounting to customer service, the right application can boost your business processes in a significant way. A lot of companies are investing in custom-applications to streamline their operations. Do you want to follow their footsteps, but are apprehensive of the scale of the undertaking? Well, the development of custom application and their integration with your existing systems become easier when you use the right set of tools and services.

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14 Jul' 16
ASP.NET Core 1.0 features

ASP.NET Gets a Makeover

The open-source server-side web application framework, Asp.Net, has been through a complete makeover as declared by Microsoft in June 2016. Henceforth, ASP.NET 5 will be known as ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 5 will be called .NET Core 1.0. As for the .NET Core 1.0. Entity Framework 7, it will be rebranded as Entity Framework Core 1.

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13 Jul' 16
Wordpress With Json-Ld

Increase Visibility In WordPress With Json-Ld

WordPress happens to be one of the most important content management systems in the virtual world. A number of companies have used this to build their websites. These include TechCrunch, BBC America, Xerox and Reuters Blog. Experts also predict that there will be a 25 percent increase in WordPress integration.

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11 Jul' 16
Mobile Apps

Some Useful Mobile Apps to Make Your Everyday Life Easy

We love our smartphones. And why won't we, these tiny devices run a considerable part of our days (and nights), while we gleefully glide through life. However, to be frank, smartphones are not solely responsible for the problem-free lifestyle that greets us every day. They serve only as a platform, while the heroes behind the curtain are apps.

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08 Jul' 16
Cost Effective App Development

Secure and Cost-Effective App Development: How Can We Help

With the great surge of ecommerce business, almost every online shopping store has released their applications to get an access to a wider market on the go. Fortunately, consumers have welcomed this effort and have happily installed these apps in their Smartphones. However, at the time of payment, most of the buyers prefer to opt for ‘Cash on Delivery’ mode, rather than going with the other payment options.

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06 Jul' 16
Speed of Wordpress Website

How to Increase the Speed Of WordPress Website

A slow loading web page is detrimental to an eCommerce site, and a WordPress website in no exception to the fact. Studies show that about 80 percent of online shoppers who are unhappy with a site's page load time are more likely to switch to another site with better page speed.

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04 Jul' 16
Google Startup Incubator

How Can Google Startup Incubator Help To Develop Innovative Ideas

With intensifying global pursuit for business success, tech giants like Google are always busy trying to innovate nifty ideas. The huge talent pool working under their banners do their part in formulating impressive ways that assure our ascent to the future. But the question that still lingers is whether the accepted pace of improvement is enough to match the evolving demand cycle.

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