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ecommerce blog tricks

“Who has time to read blogs?”, said no e-commence website in their right mind.

E-commerce big daddies such as eBay, Home Depot, Forever 21, and Jabong are maintaining e-commerce blogs religiously. They are using their blogs to serve their customers hot company scoops on everything ranging from exciting, new deals to high-profile hiring. If you are an e-commerce start-up that thinks creating blogs for your small audience is simply a wastage of time and money, think twice. Blogs can be a great story-telling tool as much for you. And, not blogging may keep your small audience small, for ever. Blogs on the other hand will help you grab your audience’s eyeballs quickly, will entice them into sharing your content, and subsequently help your e-commerce site achieve a high page-rank. All these ultimately culminate into more sales.

The big question, however, is how do you go about your blogging strategy? Follow these 5 e-commerce blog tips for effective results:

1. Create Quality Content

Now this is obvious– high quality, relevant content compels your audience come back for more. ‘Top 10’ List-style posts, funny videos, infographics, DIY tutorials, recipes, warnings, myth busters, give-aways and sweepstakes, and interviews really work, when it comes to inciting your customers’ interest, encouraging interactions and shares. And yes, consider the following to smarten up your content:

• Make it short and snappy– creative description and long paragraphs are all waste of time.
• Be funny and even quirky while planning your posts
• Back them up with awesome visuals
• Use brief videos to show your products in action

2. Develop a Community

Use as many interactive posts as possible to weave a community of loyal followers. They will act as your brand-evangelists in social media channels. Forever 21 is a good case in points. The fashion retailer often launches contests on its blog to promote new lines of products. These contests encourage customers to send selfies wearing the retailer’s new clothing, shoes or cosmetic lines, follow the company on Instagram and other social media sites and revisit the Forever 21 blog to discover the winners. This is undeniably an excellent tactic to increase engagement and make customers come back time and again.

3. Educate but Don’t Try To Push Sell

Product recommendation is a great way to keep visitors informed about your inventory. Featuring recommended items on your product pages can significantly increase your product visibility. Beauty retailer Birchbox, it seems, is a huge believer of this mode of publicity. The company’s smart tying-up of recommended products with relevant posts, makes it easy for consumers researching that kind of product find what they are looking for.

Having said that, it is important to remember that soft selling is okay, but it is risky to overdo it. First try to explain how your product can benefit your audience, and then use a “hey why don’t you try this out” kind of tone – this will let you soft-sell your product without being pushy.

4. Make Your e-commerce Blog Shareable

Blog is a part of your go-social strategy – further add to its ‘socialness’ quotient by adding as many social plug-ins as you can manage. Think Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and Delicious.

5. Rope in Influential Bloggers in Your Niche

Follow the influential bloggers and subscribe to their feeds. Comment on their content, link your post with their blog and discuss possibilities of a link back. This will let you receive some of their traffic, an extremely valuable tactic for improving page-rank.

The right e-commerce blogging strategies can help you build credibility, trust and loyal followers. If you think working out a blogging strategy is not your cup of tea, we are here to help.
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