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email marketing tips

Startups or small businesses can reach out to their prospects right away with effective email marketing. When it comes to email campaigns for business, it’s the most proactive way to convey your message to customers. When an email enters a recipient’s inbox, the receiver will definitely go through the message. What he will do with the message depends on the quality and engagement level of an email newsletter. Here are five email marketing tips to drive more engagement.

1. Create an Interesting Subject Line

The first impression is the last impression. And, this rule holds true when it comes to the subject line of your email messages. Records show that 43 percent of people who have received an email open it depending on the quality of the subject line. Make the subject line informative and succinct without beating about the bush. Limit the subject line to eight words and ensure it is legible on PCs and mobile devices.

2. Design a Quality Email Template

Creating an email template is the most important email marketing tip. Create an email template that looks attractive, organized and consistent. A template with neat and organized info will help your customers quickly scan the content and focus on what matters to them. Avoid making it too arty or varying it too frequently. You’ll only end up confusing your audience as they will try hard to decipher the information.

3. Write Useful and Engaging Content

You don’t need to elaborate on service details or use technical jargons. People who have subscribed to your email list are already aware of your service offerings. Instead, churn out engaging content that doesn’t necessarily promote your services. For example, if you are into the gardening business, write on innovative topics such as tips to grow fresh vegetables in a backyard.

4. Target Your Messages

No customer likes to read an irrelevant mail. Segment lists and create groups of like-minded customers so that you can tailor your content or offers based on their requirements. You’ll benefit in terms of more transactions, better leads, more sales and increased revenues.

5. Design Clear CTAs

Create simple call to actions (CTAs) to help your audience understand what they are supposed to do after reading your newsletter. Use short, sweet and simple instructions to improve specific engagements. Use short texts like ‘Subscribe now’ or ‘Learn more’ about your digital marketing services that you have just discussed in your newsletter.

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