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5 ways to use images in digital marketing

Images play an important role in digital marketing. Be it websites, social media, online ads or blogs – if you aren’t equipped with in-the-face pictorial delights, you are as good as invisible. Images capture attention, communicate directly and inspire engagement.

According to a recent research on images in digital media conducted by Hubspot, a leading software system for businesses, photos on Facebook generate 55 percent more likes and 110 percent more comments compared to an average post without an image. Beyond Facebook, some other fastest popular social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are completely based on images, and we all know their success story.

Here are 5 best ways of using images in digital marketing:

1. Share some tips

Give your customers some useful tips about your products or services via informative and appealing images. This will get them hooked to your offering.

Image marketing tips
Image Courtesy: Google. Used as a reference for a live image marketing

2. Take them behind the scenes

Most customers only see the final product when they shop in stores or order online. Companies can give visitors a peep behind the curtains with images that show elements of the work that go into the products they sell and the services they provide. In fact, a company can tell a story on its website or social network by showing images of its previous designs, a virtual view of the manufacturing floor plant and the team that works behind delivering the service.

3. Spark a conversion

Image is an excellent way to engage visitors and communities in a conversation. You can use an image with a question or captivating scene to catch the customers’ attention and encourage a response. While it takes at least a few seconds to read a text, images garner instant reaction.

top Image marketing tips Image Courtesy: David//Armano darmano.typead.com

4. Create a contest

You can run a contest on your company’s website or Facebook page by posting a great image of a product or a service highlighting a special discount on it, and saying that only one lucky customer can win the contest to avail it. You can either keep it as a lucky draw or engage the customer in a few more fun activities to shortlist a final winner. Throughout the contest, make sure to incorporate attractive visuals to generate interest and traffic and thereby create an online buzz about your company.

best image marketing tips Image Courtesy: Google for reference to a live campaign.

5. Spotlight your customers

By showing images on how the company’s services can solve a customer’s specific problem, you can personalize your business. Customers get an almost real time feel of how their issues would be addressed. This helps visitors to connect and identify with your brand.

5 image marketing tips
Image Courtesy: VeriTime/Google

Keep these simple ways of using images in mind to promote your brand online in the competitive market and make your digital marketing campaign a success.

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