23 Dec' 15

5 Web Design Trends In 2016: We Can Expect To See More

Web Design Trends 2016

Your website is not just the store-front of your business; it is also an attention-grabbing, moneymaking machine. Your business exists on the Web in order to increase sales, but why will people buy from you if they are not impressed with the way you present yourself? So if you’re planning to hit the bull’s eye, focus on creating a user-centric design that is extremely high on UX.

Let’s check out 5 Web Design trends in 2016 you can expect to see:

1. Animated Flat Design

Flat design trend is already a massive thing in the digital space. Now, if web animation is added into what is already great, it’ll just up the appeal and create a perfect combination for a winning UX. For instance, a flat CTA button will attract more eyeballs and generate more interest if animated elements are added to it when clicked.

2. Parallax Storytelling

We all love to hear a good story. Why not use your website to tell a story of your organization? Although this technique was introduced a few years back, it is here to stay and to enjoy greater attention. Using the parallax storytelling on your website lets you present an event or endeavour with an enhanced element of interest. Good-bye boring slideshows. This new technique is interactive, engaging, and of course fun. As Joker has famously said, Why so serious?

3. Wearable Responsive

Responsive design no longer revolves around smartphones and tablets. Recent arrival of high-end wearable devices such as Oculus Rift and Apple Watch has made sure that a website must go further down the road and ensure that the layout is fluid enough to fit every possible screen size.

4. Death of Pop-ups

5 Web design trends in 2016 includes clean and minimalist web pages, without any unnecessary interruption. If you want to encourage visitors to sign up or register to your newsletters, the best way to do this is by placing the CTAs at the end of a post. There’s no need for pop-ups to play the role of the homepage.

5. Custom Drawings

If everyone starts following the same thing, how will you look different from your peers? In web design, one of the biggest sources of originality can come from custom drawn elements. Animation libraries of CSS3 and HTML5 can easily help you jazz up the picture. And the best place to showcase your creativity is the page where every visitor lands on – the homepage.

Stay a step ahead of your business peers by following the web design tips for 2016. Are you in need of a reliable helping hand? Contact us here and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Subha Sengupta

Lead Creative Designer

Subha is the man with the brush. He's the Lead Creative Designer with Code{UR}Idea and comes up with amazing designs & concepts for the brand.

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