11 Sep' 15

7 Android Lollipop APIs that are Stealing the Show

Android Lollipop API

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is slated to release in the next few weeks but it’s too early to ditch what we have in hand right now – Android Lollipop. Spanning between versions 5.0 and 5.1.1, Lollipop has been a breath of fresh air especially for mobile developers with bundles of new features, and over 5,000 newly included Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used by applications.

Although developers are getting a lot to play with, some of these APIs are real game changers in the world of mobile operating systems (OS). We, at Code{UR}Idea, have listed seven of the most interesting Android Lollipop APIs ranging from heads-up notifications to enhanced workplace security.

Let us take a quick look.

1. Activity transitions

This new API in Android Lollipop is helping developers define and animate the transitions between activities. The OS itself takes care of the actual rendering after the API finds the ‘views IDs’, and creates a ‘Bundle’ and ‘Intent’.

2. 3D views and real-time shadows

This API lets developers create 3D effects and real-time shadows in a Lollipop application. By applying the android:elevation attribute, it’s now easy to set the elevation of an object and create a floating illusion over the background.

3. Camera with RAW support

The RAW file format records all the data captured by the sensor, resulting in the highest level of quality. Before Lollipop, the RAW format was missing from Android cameras. With new APIs, the cameras can now support the RAW image format and capture elaborate details.

4. Heads-up notifications

You don’t have to exit the current screen to take a call. This new API in Android Lollipop makes sure that incoming calls gets viewed as ‘floating alerts’ if you are busy operating an application. These heads-up notifications help you act without moving away from the current app.

5. Concurrent documents

Previously known as the ‘Recent’ screen, the Overview screen in Lollipop now shows a list of recent tasks and activities. This makes users easily go back to a previously accessed application. Developers can also manually adjust and designate when a task is included or removed from the Overview screen.

6. BLE Advertising and Scanning

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a popular feature these days, as it aims to save Bluetooth power usage during functionalities involving the wireless tech. With BLE active, Lollipop’s new API ensures that applications can frequently use advertising and scanning tasks without worrying about power loss.

7. Managed provisioning process

Previously, Android mobile devices were not at par with iOS and Blackberry when it came to workplace security. With the new API overlooking a new managed provisioning process, it’s a lot safer to work from Android mobile devices. Furthermore, the work applications can be managed and scrutinized by your IT admin.

Android Lollipop is really making the OS stand out from its competitors in terms of functionality, something that was missing for a long time. And we can surely expect greater advancements in near future.

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