17 Jun' 16

Ads On Google Maps: How This Newer Promotion Routes for Businesses

Google Maps Ads

“How can I increase footfall in my brick-and-mortar store?” This is one question that every store owner would love to crack.

What if you could have an electronic billboard that could always be on your customers’ toes, and entice them into visiting your establishment, whenever they come near it!

Wait! Don’t dismiss it as a wishful thinking yet because Google, the fairy godmother of the online world, has been paying attention. Enter Google’s new advertisement service.

Last week, the search engine giant announced that soon there will be ads on Google Maps!  The tech biggie calls them ‘promoted pins’. You will start getting them automatically along your driving routes. Whether you are trying to locate your friend’s place on the map or searching the nearest Starbucks, Google Maps will show you the place along with a few ads from local businesses. This means, for consumers, a few extra stops along the road and a bigger shopping bag. Won’t you just love to refill your oil tank if you find one of the Shell gas stations on your route is offering cashbacks or take a bite of the Big Mac at the McDonald’s near you that is running a promo?

While to local businesses, the prospect of being featured ads on Google Maps is like getting an invitation to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Google has a few tricks up its techie sleeves (tell me something new). The ads that will make it to a user’s Google Maps would depend upon a lot of factors that Google calls a variety of signals. The pointers include location, demographics, search history, time of day, and the likes. So, if a user isn’t a regular at Dunkin Donuts, he will never get to see its ad. Impressive.

We are sure, shoppers won’t mind receiving coupon codes or being bombarded with offers and deals from their favorite brands! What’s more, Google has not left any option for users to turn off the feature altogether. Considering its huge money making potentials (trillions of searches every year, with more than half coming from mobile devices and one-third linked to locations), it is understandable why the search-leader did not bother to make it optional for consumers.

Can’t wait to see your ads on Google Maps? Well you have to hold your breath for a while, as Google has not yet disclosed the starting date of the service.

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Digital Marketing Manager

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