22 Feb' 16

5 Adwords Tricks For E-commerce Site

Adwords Tricks For E-commerce Site

Using Google Adwords is one of the best ways to promote e-commerce site. It’s also cost-effective, provided you are doing it right. Marketing your business via Adwords is a complex process and requires continuous monitoring of your campaign. Even if your former account manager did a wonderful, chances are, there is still some room for improvement. Here are 5 Adwords Tricks for E-commerce site to give your campaign the required boost:

1. Always Use Negative Search Terms

Are you using negative keywords for your campaign? If not, ask why? As far as negative search terms are concerned, they help you identify keywords that you would not use in your campaign. Say for instance, you are running an AdWords campaign for an anti-aging cream, but you’re not distributing free products. So, if you’re not including the keyword ‘free’ in your list of negative keywords for e-Commerce adwords campaign, you are unnecessarily incurring expenses from users, who are clicking on your adverts to look for free samples. This adversely affects your ROI because you are wasting advertising dollars on users who will not buy any product from you. That’s because you are not providing what your visitors are looking for — a free product.

2. Use Ad Sitelinks

You can use ad sitelinks to boost your ecommerce campaign. This unique feature helps you to show more links on the pages of your ecommerce site, just below your ad. It’s extremely fast and easy to set up and improves click-through rates (CTRs). These ad extensions attract more visitors to click on your ad, provided your ad is noticeable and contains relevant information.

3. Make Good Use of the Shopping Feeds

Most of the times, your ecommerce clients have their campaigns in full swing already. The feeds in these ad campaigns are rich in ecommerce keywords. You can choose the best products from the feed lists and plug them into the keyword planner. It will give you a fair idea of the search volume for those products or for the related products. Make sure that you set geo-targeting for all searches. It will help you get the right traffic estimates.

4. Study What Your Competitors are Doing

Want to do a bit of spying on your competitor? Yes, you can! There are smart ways to know the e-commerce search terms your competitors are using. The keyword planner comes with a feature that allows you to drop in any URL. This will help you know what keywords the visitors are entering to land on a site. Get to know about the ad group and keyword ideas to manage your campaign better. You will get an idea of the possible terms your competitor is bidding on.

5. Improve Your Landing Pages

Make your eCommerce Adwords campaign more effective by designing engaging landing pages. Expect some brownie points from Google if you have a well-designed landing page. Make it as relevant as possible.. This increases the possibilities of a lead or sale on your E-commerce site.

We are sure that these 5 Adwords Tricks for E-commerce site will be helpful for you. Of course, there is more to the AdWords antics. Contact us at info@codeuridea.com for further info.

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