19 Jun' 15

Attention Shutterbugs! Your Instagram Looks Simpler and Flatter on Web and on Mobile

Instagram presently boasts of more than 300 million active users globally. Going by some recent developments, we cannot say for sure if the social photo-sharing giant took inspiration from VSCO Grid pages, while working on its website’s new look and feel but it’s certainly a welcome step ahead. Thanks to its design overhaul, the photography site in its new avatar dons a simple, chic look, providing shutterbugs a better place to showcase their photos.

Features Added and Features Chopped

• Photos are no doubt the backbone of Instagram, so it is hardly surprising that the photo-sharing cum social networking service provider has made photographs the focal point of its upgraded incarnation. The new version has bidden goodbye to the rotating header section at the top, and with this, grid of cover images has also disappeared.

Instagram Update

Image Source: New Instagram profile of Starbucks

• The profile page now accommodates three larger photos in a row, ensuring a cleaner and sparse look.

• With borders and button-styles gone and with fewer images, there is less color and more white space, thus giving it a flatter look compared to its former 3D appearance. This of course ensures that each shot stands out in its own right.

Image source: @LifeInLoFi’s new Instagram profile page

Image source: @LifeInLoFi’s new Instagram profile page

• A near-infinite scrolling ensures that your browsing experience is faster and smoother across devices.

• Circular profile pics are in to keep up with the spirit of a minimalist design aesthetics.

• The new layout is compatible with every browser.

A New Look and Its Significance

Click it, set it right, share it – Instagram has always made it easy for the shutterbugs who love to do it all on-the-go. However, sifting through the photo albums on desktop PC has a charm of its own, and even an ardent Insta fan will admit that something was grossly amiss with its web Interface. Fortunately those keen on getting a superb Instagram experience on desktop, will soon see improvements as the Facebook-owned site is reinventing itself as a mobile-first, yet web-friendly platform. Things will be neater for your hashtag collections pages as well.

Meanwhile, since its acquisition of the site back in April 2012, Facebook has taken slow yet careful steps to introduce ads to Instagram. Now, there is a strong buzz among industry experts that the larger white spaces may be a step toward accommodating more ads. Well, only time can tell.

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