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22 Jan' 15
Wordpress landing page

How to Turn WordPress Category Pages into a Landing Page

Have you ever considered making the category pages of your website more interesting, may be with a new look or more functionalities? As against popular perception, these pages that contain the links to different sections of a website need not essentially be drab and boring.

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13 Jan' 15
microsoft windows 10

Work, Play, Connect – Watch Out For Windows 10, this July 29

PC owners across the world have a strong reason to rejoice – the latest avatar of the world’s most used personal computer (PC) operating system, is on its way, presumably with polished and renovated design features.

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12 Jan' 15
Transform Wordpress blog

App, E-Book Or Online Store: What Do You Want Your WordPress Blog To Turn Into?

According to the digital marketing statistics portal DMR, more than 76 million blogs run on WordPress, with over 61 million new posts added every month.

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