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08 Jun' 15
seo vs social media

SEO? Nope! — The Rise of Social Content

Everybody wants to finish tasks on a perfect note. For Google, perfection lies in providing end users with the relevant, informative content that they would want to share with others, presumably via social media platforms.

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18 May' 15

Come August 3, Google will pull off the plug on PageSpeed

Users are well acquainted with what can be termed as Google’s seasonal purging efforts that involve getting rid of apparently non-lucrative projects in favor of new, more exciting ones.

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01 May' 15
google update april

Be Mobile Ready or Lose Traffic, Google Warns

It’s a mobile-dependent world. From paying bills on the go to buying grocery, finding a date, a restaurant in the vicinity or scouting social media if a friend is safe following a calamity —smartphones are inherent parts of our lives through work and play.

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