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19 Oct' 15
marshmallow Doze

Marshmallow’s DOZE MODE And How It Is Handled by GCM

It is not every day that a mobile operating system’s upgrade lives up to its promise. But that just might be happening with Android’s Marshmallow. According to a research by a German tech magazine Computer Base, a Marshmallow powered Nexus 5 enjoys almost three times more battery life that the same device running on its predecessor Lollipop.

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17 Sep' 15
Google Places API for Android

How Can Your App Benefit From Google Places API?

Back in May this year, Google announced the arrival of its Places Application Program Interface or Places API. It is developed over and above the existing 100 million places around the globe that are already stored in Google’s database.

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11 Sep' 15
Android Lollipop API

7 Android Lollipop APIs that are Stealing the Show

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is slated to release in the next few weeks but it’s too early to ditch what we have in hand right now – Android Lollipop. Spanning between versions 5.

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11 Aug' 15
phonegap mobile app development

PhoneGap: The Answer To All Mobile App Development Needs

The rising dependency on mobile applications is driving businesses to perk up their investments in helping customers stay in touch on the go.

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28 Jul' 15
android development with java

Why Get Rid Of Java As The Primary Language For Android Development?

In life, you either adapt or perish. The beauty of this simple statement is that the meaning holds true absolutely everywhere. While Android has been widely successful in crushing the monopoly of Apple with over 80 percent of shares in the smartphone operating system (OS) market, Android developers still find it more time consuming to develop the same app compared to iOS developers.

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