01 May' 15

Be Mobile Ready or Lose Traffic, Google Warns

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It’s a mobile-dependent world. From paying bills on the go to buying grocery, finding a date, a restaurant in the vicinity or scouting social media if a friend is safe following a calamity —smartphones are inherent parts of our lives through work and play. It is therefore hardly surprising that handheld devices bring in more traffic than their bigger siblings — the PCs and the laptops. Mobile’s ever increasing contribution to the search traffic even forces Google to take steps that ensure better search experience for users who access websites through their smartphones 24×7. A case in point is its recent algorithm revamp. Nicknamed ’Mobilegeddon’ this new algorithm is expected to make the experience of smartphone users better than ever. Apparently, this time the search engine giant is not on an abrupt penalization spree. Looks like, the big daddy is keen on teaching entrepreneurs and marketers a thing or two about how to capitalize on this mobile rage to achieve a higher traffic influx.

As per Mobilegeddon that was formally launched on April 21, if your site is not mobile ready yet, going ahead you may lose out on a big chunk of your organic traffic. However, don’t lose heart, there’s hope if you are game to incorporating some little changes. Here are a few things to know about how you can actually benefit from Google’s latest algorithm update and whether you need to be perturbed at all:

  • Use Google’ new tool called ’Mobile-Friendly Test’ to see if your site has the mobile friendly label in the mobile search results.
  • Use the ’Mobile Usability’ section in Google Webmaster Tools to identify the pages that are suffering from mobile errors, and address the issues to give your site some ranking boost.
  • The update is applicable on a page-by-page basis so you wouldn’t have to revamp your entire site. Simply mobile-optimize the pages that you think are more important than the others. Let the others be and save big bucks.
  • Language and location-neutral, this algorithm update is designed to only impact the mobile search results and not those of the tablets and desktops. Check the share of traffic that is typically coming from mobile search vis-à-vis desktop search. If it is insignificant, there is no point in shelling out money to make changes on your website.

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