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Best Marketing for Small Businesses

small business marketing

Small businesses require different and innovative strategies to market their brand. Unlike large businesses and enterprises, they have budget and resource constraints. The challenge is to design an effective yet cost-effective strategy to cater to the unique business requirements.

Know what? You need not hire the likes of Wieden + Kennedy or an Ogilvy and Mather to get the words out about your brand. Sometimes the simplest ideas help spread information far and wide. For small businesses, the biggest challenge lies in launching and running a campaign on shoestring budget.

Certainly, you don’t have the liberty or ability to splurge on extravagant marketing campaigns. There are, however, more reasons to rejoice than be upset about, thanks to a variety of low-cost marketing methods that are out there to be experimented with. The exciting part of it is that most of them are free of cost. Taking cues from small business owners that eventually made it big, we have compiled a list of top marketing tactics that would help your brand grow. And yes, it goes without saying that you will have to weave both online and offline methods into your marketing mesh. For ease of understanding, let’s divide our tips into two categories – online and offline.

Online Marketing Tips:

Presuming that you already have a website that shares basic business information such as location and service hours, let’s move on to other areas that may require additional efforts.

Maintain a Blog: Share useful company information loaded with user takeaway data via periodic blog posts. Share stories about your achievements, explaining what you have done to attain them. In short keep your customers’ interests alive so they are eager return for more. Thinking it will cost you a bomb? Not really. Open a WordPress account for free and get going! Yes it is that easy! You may also go for the digital marketing companies that provide effective blog management services.

Post Videos: Believe it or not – a recent study revealed that probability of purchase increases by an incredible 172 percent when a customer watches a video on your site! Within half an hour of posting the same, your site appears on the first page of Google’s search results page. Getting found thus goes easier with Google. Interestingly, even if you go for the video marketing service providers,  professionally created pieces are available at less than 500 dollars in most part of the USA.

Ensure Company Presence On Google Maps/Local: List your company on these free tools for organic traffic-growth. It also allows your customers to leave comments, eventually increasing interest in your products/ services.

Be Ubiquitous With Social Media: Even if you are not actually a social media buff, turn yourself into one to spread the word (about your business) all over the web. This is by far the cheapest, easiest and one of the most effective marketing tools of current times. Post and share everything – images, interesting industry news and even industry jokes – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even those WordPress blogs that you’ve generated to be on top of your customers’ minds.

Offline Marketing Tips:

Keeping with our promise, here are a few tips to market your business offline. These are inexpensive yet proven and time-tested.

• Distribute inexpensive yet alluring freebies to make people know about your product.
• Attend every community event to make your presence felt
• Sponsor a local not-for-profit organization to gain some visibility and thus connect with your target audience
• Send personalized postcards to your targets

Use these methods at different stages of your business cycle to understand what works and what does not. Focus on the more effective ones.

Madhubanti Rudra

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