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11 May' 16
Wordpress E-commerce Development - 5 Essential Factors

WordPress E-commerce Development: 5 Essential Factors

WordPress (WP) is the preferred content management system (CMS) used to develop commerce sites and customized applications. Did you know that 60 percent of shoppers like to spend more while shopping online? This means that WordPress E-commerce development is the buzzword for online shopping today.

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09 May' 16
Xcode 7 - IOS Mobile App Development Tool

Xcode 7 – Updated IOS Mobile App Development Tool

Andriod might have been holding a big share in the market, but the high-quality products and apps of Apple can never be ignored. So, when you are planning to develop an iOS mobile application, get started with the latest Xcode 7, released in June 2015. This iOS mobile app development tool is already known for its integrated development environment (IDE) and this new matured studio has even improved its features and functionalities.

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06 May' 16
Magento Ecommerce Development

Custom Magento Ecommerce Development – Critical Areas To Resolve

It is a fact that with the onset of digital commercialization you have to have one of those shiny new e-commerce platforms to stay in the game. But, is owning an e-commerce store enough to get your clients satisfied and revenues up? Absolutely not! Even after creating a fairly appealing shopping site, business entities still need to perform a list of duties to win over clients and eventually become the candy land for shoppers.

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04 May' 16
How to hire a Digital Brand Marketing Agency

Digital Brand Marketing Solutions – How To Hire An Agency

According to the educational publishing company, the Gale Group, digital marketing takes up about 14 percent of the advertising sector. And, this will grow every year as more organizations start appreciating the significance of digital brand marketing solutions such as content marketing, SEO and social media promotion.

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02 May' 16
Start-up Consultancy Services

Got A Start-Up? Here’s How We Can Help

Every start-up takes off with an incredibly unique idea, but to make that idea work, you need the right technology infrastructure in place. A new company's technology needs are markedly different from those of its big brothers.

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29 Apr' 16
Digital Marketing Strategies For SMBS

Need Fast Results? These Digital Marketing Strategies For SMBS Can Help

Did you know that the first digital marketing technology could be traced back to the 1980s? Yes, that is quite surprising to know that the computers by then were already sophisticated enough to store huge volumes of customer information. But the implementation process was still manual because the channels for marketing were telephone, field sales, contact strategy, and the likes.

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26 Apr' 16
5 Homepage Design Tips

5 Great Homepage Design Tips

Your web homepage has to look smart. Why? Well, it is the face of your business, so it has to have that appeal to pull the visitors in. Is there any 'no update needed' design idea for this? Actually, no. Like fashion, trends in website design come and go, so you have to be a bit more open to research than following traditional choices.

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22 Apr' 16
Multi Channel Marketing Strategy

Multi-Channel Marketing – Challenges And Solution

Gone are the days when online marketing services revolved around the web and email marketing. Today, you've more channels to reach out to your audience such as the digital TV, internet radio, re-marketing, social networking platforms and native ads. However, you need to have a rock-solid multi-channel marketing strategy in place to overcome the challenges so that your brand's presence is strongly felt across the channels.

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18 Apr' 16
email marketing campaign

What’s Your Email Marketing Campaign for Reducing Cart Abandonment?

That slack-jawed look on your face is totally valid when even thousands in advertising, smart call-to-action systems, and sharp marketing strategies have no effect on cart abandonment. No, God has nothing to do with it!

You would be surprised to know that the current cart abandonment rates float around 59 percent.

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15 Apr' 16
customer testimonials for marketing

5 Ways to Use Client Testimonials for Marketing

So, you got a testimonial section in your website and customers are pouring in their positive feedbacks as well as suggestions? Well that’s awesome! But, what are you doing with them? If your answer is ‘Nothing’, then let me guess, you are not very much aware of client testimonials for marketing, a digital marketing strategy that can help to unlock higher sales.

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