22 Jun' 16

Brand Building Through LinkedIn: How To Reinforce?

Brand Building Through LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn to promote your brand? A well-nurtured LinkedIn page attracts followers with company updates, news, useful content or exciting events. Successful branding is about how well you’re leveraging your network to engage your targeted audience, customers and partners on your company’s behalf. When clients research about your company, they’ll take a look at your LinkedIn page. This means that brand image and identity are interrelated, and managing both is a challenging task.  Here are a few tips to help you do brand building through LinkedIn:

Involve Your Staff

Leverage your organization’s collaborative network by asking your staff to get involved with your business page. It will boost your brand’s visibility to new clients and prospective hires, establishing a corporate culture where your employees engage with your brand and work towards its growth. It’s as easy as having a colleague share your company’s LinkedIn page updates to his network.

Connect Your Page with a Wider Audience

Prospective customers can find out about your business, website, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page in many ways. But, there is a problem. They may not be sure about the authenticity of the website where they land. Connect your brand with a larger audience and give your business more chance to be discovered by an appropriate audience.

Interact with LinkedIn Groups   

Take some time out to research and look for groups that discuss things relevant to your brand. Join related groups, engage in discussions, and be visible. Be regarded as somebody who contributes, takes a conversation forward and offers good advice. The results will accrue over time. Build a healthy reputation for your brand by assuming the role of a thought leader in targeted groups.

Provide More Value to Your Customers

Make sure that your LinkedIn page has the right content to offer more value to your targeted customers. Use high-quality, useful and insightful content to build customer engagement as well as a healthy business relationship. Data show that ‘snackable’ content includes a link to an informative article, video, chart or image. Experts recommend the use of the 80/ 20 rule to start with. Normally, only 20 percent of marketing information creates 80 percent of the campaign results. Figure out which of your branding efforts produce the maximum results. It will help you do away with the costs associated with the unyielding methods. For instance, you can post four status-updates that share valuable information. Keep aside a single post that relates to your business.

Are you using your LinkedIn page to connect with your audience? If you’re interested in brand building through LinkedIn and want to manage your social media campaigns better, contact us now.

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