24 Jun' 15

Buy Now with One Click – The Mantra of Next-gen Ecommerce

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Have you ever noticed that it takes at least five clicks to complete a purchase on a mobile site? The long data-loading time in between the clicks add to the customers’ woe. In the web 1.0 era, designers typically leveraged offline metaphors to depict their online avatars. Thus emerged the concept of shopping cart — a type of e-commerce application that allows visitors pick and choose items for purchase. Fast forward to web 2.0 era! The shopping cart is slowly but steadily losing its appeal; consumers’ desire for seamless online shopping experience is heating up, thanks to a long and tedious ‘checking out’ process.

Pushing the cart through the entire span of shopping is something that appears fundamentally wrong and grossly antiquated to the Internet generation. Against this backdrop, it is hardly surprising that these new-age consumers want to buy outside of the cart to avoid any last-mile friction at the point of sale. Far-sighted retailers are doing well to offer exactly what their customers want.

Online retailer Amazon is one such player that is keen on facilitating purchases wholly outside the cart. The online super store’s 1-Click buying program that was introduced over a decade back lets you ditch the standard shopping cart process. Over the years, this process has not only gone through several cycles of refinement to fortify its security areas but has also been adopted by other online retailers in various forms. Programmed to remember your preferred payment method and shipping address from your past transactions, this method saves you from the hassle of entering data every time you click the ‘buy’ button. This significantly speeds up online shopping. According to Amazon, it is just as safe as manual data entry procedure.


Going single click — the way forward

Today, consumers are more powerful than ever, so you must always be ready to add that extra zing to you business strategy in order to offer something over and above your competitors. By the end of 2015, e-commerce sales in the US is expected to cross the $350 billion dollars mark. With an estimated $617 billion in sales, it is expected to reach its peak during the holiday shopping seasons.

The businesses, keen on grabbing a share of the pie should embrace cutting edge techniques such as 1-click buying to woo impulsive shopaholics. What’s more, with the introduction of the right application, such as WooCommerce ‘add to cart’ button, you can make it super fast for on-the-go buyers.

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As an end-note, here’s how you can get started with Amazon 1-Click Ordering

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Radhagobinda is an e-Commerce Associate with Code{ur}idea. He takes the e-commerce trends seriously enough to include it in our e-commerce strategies.

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