18 Jul' 16

Jr. Business Analyst


Job Description:

  • Carry out an in-depth evaluation and verification of the capabilities of exiting systems with new requirements, serving as a middle man between the client and development team, to ensure that product information is properly disseminated.
  • Need to participate in the system development life circle. Need to work closely with the organization management in order to identify their customer needs and establish ways upon which customer needs can be met for their maximum benefit and satisfaction.
  • Liaise with consultants and managers to document business processes effectively. Ensure that various appropriate infrastructure elements, including documents, periodicals, manuals, policy documents, etc are kept up to date and are available.
  • Create and develop functional requirements of systems to improve quality, performances, external interfaces, and constraints.
  • Carry out analysis of requirements by checking for derived requirements that are logical to customers requests.
  • Outline requirement specifications with the use of standard templates for both used cases and detailed software.
  • Supervise requirements traceability information and record requirements status in the course of the project.
  • Monitor changes to baseline requirements with the use of effective application of change control processes and tools.
  • Make contributions in the development of Test Plans and Test Scripts, and also perform test execution as required.