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18 Mar' 16
Market Your Startup Tips

Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak – Tips To Market Your Startup

Have you seen the recent Oscar nominated movie Joy? It is a biopic on a woman who builds a million-dollar industry only by selling her creation, the ‘Magic Mop’. There is a section in the movie where the protagonist visits the QVC to pursue its Executive for selling this mop.

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09 Mar' 16
start-up marketing


Making a mark in the online business world and building a reputation is hard. I mean, it is really really hard! You could feel that with Internet around, things might get easier for start-ups. But, it won't unless you know how to work it. Think about it, there are at least more than a hundred different companies trying to sell the same things you are.

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19 Jun' 15

Attention Shutterbugs! Your Instagram Looks Simpler and Flatter on Web and on Mobile

Instagram presently boasts of more than 300 million active users globally. Going by some recent developments, we cannot say for sure if the social photo-sharing giant took inspiration from VSCO Grid pages, while working on its website's new look and feel but it’s certainly a welcome step ahead. Thanks to its design overhaul, the photography site in its new avatar dons a simple, chic look, providing shutterbugs a better place to showcase their photos.

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16 Jun' 15
small business marketing

Best Marketing for Small Businesses

Know what? You need not hire the likes of Wieden + Kennedy or an Ogilvy and Mather to get the words out about your brand. Sometimes the simplest ideas help spread information far and wide. For small businesses, the biggest challenge lies in launching and running a campaign on shoestring budget.Certainly, you don’t have the liberty or ability to splurge on extravagant marketing campaigns.

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08 Jun' 15
seo vs social media

SEO? Nope! — The Rise of Social Content

Everybody wants to finish tasks on a perfect note. For Google, perfection lies in providing end users with the relevant, informative content that they would want to share with others, presumably via social media platforms. For the search engine giant, inability to deliver the most relevant content relating to a particular search is a case of job not done with perfection.

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03 Jun' 15
How to create the perfect ad content

No-fuss content, the secret of online ad success

There has been a lot of buzz over a recent ad age report suggesting that firms are taking break from online ads, but beware. Not giving ads online can bring down your SEO ranking significantly. Search engine specialists have enough evidence that paid advertising boosts organic ranking. A better way to deal with the scenario when you are planning to hold back your online advertising is to refresh your old ad content and add something new and interesting to your website and social media sites including , LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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02 Jun' 15

5 ways to use images in digital marketing

Images play an important role in digital marketing. Be it websites, social media, online ads or blogs – if you aren’t equipped with in-the-face pictorial delights, you are as good as invisible. Images capture attention, communicate directly and inspire engagement.According to a recent research on images in digital media conducted by Hubspot, a leading software system for businesses, photos on Facebook generate 55 percent more likes and 110 percent more comments compared to an average post without an image.

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01 May' 15
google update april

Be Mobile Ready or Lose Traffic, Google Warns

It’s a mobile-dependent world. From paying bills on the go to buying grocery, finding a date, a restaurant in the vicinity or scouting social media if a friend is safe following a calamity —smartphones are inherent parts of our lives through work and play. It is therefore hardly surprising that handheld devices bring in more traffic than their bigger siblings — the PCs and the laptops.

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