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21 Mar' 16
Collaboration outsourcing


Right from the 1990s, enterprises have moved maintenance and application development tasks to countries with cheap labor costs. This is known as off-shoring or more popularly, outsourcing. Though cost management has been the main focus of businesses, the market has evolved over the years and cost-cutting initiatives, though important, no longer offer strategic benefits to companies and provide very little in terms of competitive advantage.

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04 Mar' 16
startup services from codeuridea


Being a start-up generally leaves you with a lot of questions. Why? Because you are new and obviously are not very confident about which way to go. Luckily we have the answers to most of your IT related queries. Read on if you are asking yourself any or all of the following:• Can IT services for start-ups help my business to grow? • How do I align my IT expenditure with my business priorities? • What would be my go-to-online strategy? • What would be my right fit technology solution? • How to leverage the emerging technologies like cloud computing to maximize IT ROI?Perhaps you are in need of a comprehensive start-up IT solution? Lucky you.

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15 Feb' 16
rightsource outsourcing


For the uninitiated, the designation called ‘CTO’ could create quite a mystery. Especially for start-ups that are trying to keep afloat. With CTO’s hyped reputation from the years long past, start-ups might see them as IT whiz, the know it all, the go-to guy, yada yada. But what about the huge pay-check they take away every month? This is like a dead-end for start-ups.

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12 Nov' 15
custom web design

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: The Need for Custom Web Development

Whether you own a street-side café, a wine delivery shop, a health center or a large departmental store, a website is the lifeline of every business. Some business owners opt for pre-designed templates as a cost-effective alternative to building their websites. A free template may seem tempting, but how feasible is this option in the future? Free templates will give you limited features.

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28 Jul' 15
android development with java

Why Get Rid Of Java As The Primary Language For Android Development?

In life, you either adapt or perish. The beauty of this simple statement is that the meaning holds true absolutely everywhere. While Android has been widely successful in crushing the monopoly of Apple with over 80 percent of shares in the smartphone operating system (OS) market, Android developers still find it more time consuming to develop the same app compared to iOS developers.

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24 Jul' 15
Cloud ERP

ERP on Cloud — The Way to Smarter Business

Most companies that consider Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation often envision it to be an on-premise solution, something that will be installed across computers and other devices within an organization. On-premise ERP is extensive, expensive and quite often, resource draining as well.

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07 Jul' 15
PHP 7 features

PHP Latest Version — What to Watch Out For?

Developers across the world are looking forward to PHP 7, which is scheduled to be released on the November 12, this year. Built on an experimental PHP branch called PHPNG (PHP next generation), PHP 7 shows close to 100% augmentation in performance. Moreover, it also features a reworked and refactored Zend Engine—an open source scripting engine that specifically interprets this programming language.

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26 Jun' 15
custom app development

Say No to Clones. Go for Custom Development.

When it comes to application development, the proof really is in the pudding. While apps built on readymade scripts look generic and lack unique features, custom developed apps look smarter and look more ‘put-together’. Yet, a number of companies are sold into the idea of reducing costs and choosing to build apps built on readymade scripts.

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