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18 Apr' 16
email marketing campaign

What’s Your Email Marketing Campaign for Reducing Cart Abandonment?

That slack-jawed look on your face is totally valid when even thousands in advertising, smart call-to-action systems, and sharp marketing strategies have no effect on cart abandonment. No, God has nothing to do with it!

You would be surprised to know that the current cart abandonment rates float around 59 percent.

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15 Apr' 16
customer testimonials for marketing

5 Ways to Use Client Testimonials for Marketing

So, you got a testimonial section in your website and customers are pouring in their positive feedbacks as well as suggestions? Well that’s awesome! But, what are you doing with them? If your answer is ‘Nothing’, then let me guess, you are not very much aware of client testimonials for marketing, a digital marketing strategy that can help to unlock higher sales.

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04 Apr' 16
online branding campaign

Make Your Brand Sound Human- Key to a Successful Online Branding Campaign

Almost 90 percent of consumers who interact with a brand on social media feel inclined to talk about it in their network, but wait! There is a catch – they do so only if they can relate to the brand. And when do you think they relate to a brand? When it speaks the language of a friendly human.

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30 Mar' 16
local seo tips

Why Should You Care About Local SEO Tips When Everything Is Going Global

What do you do when you feel like having a pizza for dinner? You search the closest pizza counter, call the shop and place your order. Even if you know an Italian restaurant three hours away from your home, you prefer to stick to the local store. Tell you why? Because that is convenient! And, it makes no sense to drive for three hours to a distant location every time you feel like having a pizza at night.

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28 Mar' 16
digital marketing strategy for startup

Are Your Digital Marketing Strategies Based On Customer Experiences?

How would you feel as a kid if instead of getting a G.I. Joe, you got a trip to your grandma’s house? Bummer! Maybe your mom meant good, but obviously wasn’t thinking of what you were expecting at that moment.

Are you sure you’re not being your mom when it comes to strategizing your start-up digital marketing plan?

Why Is Customer Experience Important

For startups, user experience should be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy because it takes into account all aspects of a customer's interaction with their brand, products or services.

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24 Mar' 16
Technical seo tips

Top 5 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Performance

Running a business online? Got strategies and campaigns figured out? That really secures your online marketing success, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately, no! You really need to zoom in on your website performance before hoping to outsmart your competitors and get all the exposure.

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09 Mar' 16
start-up marketing


Making a mark in the online business world and building a reputation is hard. I mean, it is really really hard! You could feel that with Internet around, things might get easier for start-ups. But, it won't unless you know how to work it. Think about it, there are at least more than a hundred different companies trying to sell the same things you are.

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04 Mar' 16
startup services from codeuridea


Being a start-up generally leaves you with a lot of questions. Why? Because you are new and obviously are not very confident about which way to go. Luckily we have the answers to most of your IT related queries. Read on if you are asking yourself any or all of the following:• Can IT services for start-ups help my business to grow? • How do I align my IT expenditure with my business priorities? • What would be my go-to-online strategy? • What would be my right fit technology solution? • How to leverage the emerging technologies like cloud computing to maximize IT ROI?Perhaps you are in need of a comprehensive start-up IT solution? Lucky you.

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29 Feb' 16
ecommerce blog tricks


“Who has time to read blogs?”, said no e-commence website in their right mind.E-commerce big daddies such as eBay, Home Depot, Forever 21, and Jabong are maintaining e-commerce blogs religiously. They are using their blogs to serve their customers hot company scoops on everything ranging from exciting, new deals to high-profile hiring.

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22 Feb' 16
Adwords Tricks For E-commerce Site

5 Adwords Tricks For E-commerce Site

Using Google Adwords is one of the best ways to promote e-commerce site. It's also cost-effective, provided you are doing it right. Marketing your business via Adwords is a complex process and requires continuous monitoring of your campaign. Even if your former account manager did a wonderful, chances are, there is still some room for improvement.

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