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11 Sep' 15
Android Lollipop API

7 Android Lollipop APIs that are Stealing the Show

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is slated to release in the next few weeks but it’s too early to ditch what we have in hand right now – Android Lollipop. Spanning between versions 5.0 and 5.1.1, Lollipop has been a breath of fresh air especially for mobile developers with bundles of new features, and over 5,000 newly included Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used by applications.

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25 Aug' 15
Android 6.0 marshmallow

M For Marshmallow

Android Marshallow launch No it’s not milkshake or muffin, not even moon pie or mocha! Putting an end to all wild speculations yet keeping up with its lip-smacking nomenclature theme, search engine giant Google has christened the sixth version of its Android operating system (OS), Marshmallow.

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11 Aug' 15
phonegap mobile app development

PhoneGap: The Answer To All Mobile App Development Needs

The rising dependency on mobile applications is driving businesses to perk up their investments in helping customers stay in touch on the go. According to Go-Globe, a Dubai-based web app design and development firm, the estimated worldwide revenue from mobile apps is predicted to reach 45 billion by the end of this year, and go on to touch 77 billion by 2017.

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28 Jul' 15
android development with java

Why Get Rid Of Java As The Primary Language For Android Development?

In life, you either adapt or perish. The beauty of this simple statement is that the meaning holds true absolutely everywhere. While Android has been widely successful in crushing the monopoly of Apple with over 80 percent of shares in the smartphone operating system (OS) market, Android developers still find it more time consuming to develop the same app compared to iOS developers.

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14 Jul' 15
top mcommerce tips

10 M-Commerce Tips – How To Ace The Next Big Thing

Based on a recent report by US think tank Pew Research Center, nearly 64% of Americans own a smartphone. The increasing use of high-end mobile devices over the past couple of years has paved the way for mobile commerce or m-commerce. According to French personalized retargeting company, Criteo’s Q1 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report, mobile transactions in the US spiked up by 10% in the last three months.

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02 Jul' 15
mobile development services

Hybrid Mobile App – Why is it perfect for your business?

The recent explosion of mobile device sales and the steady advent of Build Your Own Device (BYOD) practices have made mobile app developers work harder to provide features that were just a dream a couple of years back in the mobile app market. In fact, according to statistics evaluation portal Statista, the stupendous popularity of mobile apps will hit an estimated 270 billion downloads in 2017.

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10 Jun' 15
Mobile Apps

10 Custom Mobile Apps You Can’t Do Without

Be it to shed a few kilos or rustle up some gourmet grub, be it to manage savings or get some adrenaline rush from G2 car race – there is a mobile app for everything. However, app markets are seemingly in chaos, and it is not easy to tell useful from the gibberish.

For those keen on easing life with smart tools, but not in a spirit to sift through millions in the App Store or Google Play Store, here are 10

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07 May' 15
native hybrid app

Native Vs hybrid — the ‘app’solute choice

Be it to write an important mail on the go, know what’s trending on social media, book a quick cab, a movie ticket or perhaps a table at a busy resto, mobile phone applications are the life savers in today’s fast-paced world. If you are in a business with a high consumer connect, nothing can help reach out to your target audience better than a smart and easy-to-navigate app because Smartphones are where people across ages, economic stratas and geographies are hooked on to.

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