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25 Jan' 16
New Video Streaming Apps of 2015

Are You Using These New Video Streaming Apps Of 2015

Your Android or iOS device is your new television. Thanks to the many new apps, video streaming on these devices is a reality like never before. The year 2015 introduced many new video streaming apps and improved existing ones. Here is a quick list of all the 

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28 Dec' 15
application for startups


In his recent visit to one of Delhi’s premier colleges, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that in Silicon Valley, part of the reason why so many people start companies is because even if you fail, it is a badge of honor. No matter which part of the world you are in, founding a start-up venture is an extremely rewarding experience for any risk-taker.

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07 Dec' 15
Google Natural Search Gets Better On Complex Queries

Google Natural Search Gets Better at Understanding Complex Queries

Google says that its natural search is getting smarter by handling time-based queries, superlatives and complex questions in a better way. Satyajeet Salgar, the company’s Product Manager, said that Google natural search is now trying to understand the meaning of users’ queries in three ways.

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02 Dec' 15
SugarCRM Magento Integration

Integrating SugarCRM With Magento: What Do You Need To Do?

When we are talking about Magento, we are looking at unprecedented e-commerce domination. According to a research conducted by AheadWorks, a Magento Official Enterprise Partner, this open-source Content Management System (CMS) currently holds around 29.8 percent of market share among the top e-commerce platforms.

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23 Nov' 15
Magento site security

How to Improve the Security of Your Magento Store?

Ensuring topnotch e-commerce website security is crucial because these sites keep records of sensitive customer details such as credit card and personal information. Data theft not only leads to huge financial loss, but can also badly impact your brand reputation. As a store-owner, it is your responsibility to improve your store’s security.

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16 Nov' 15
cloud service provider

Guide To Choose the Right Cloud For Your Business

According to Codero Hosting, a provider of energy-efficient hosting solutions, in 2015, 44 percent of companies have reportedly moved either infrastructure or applications from one public cloud to another, 25 percent moved from a public cloud into a private cloud and 24 percent moved from a public cloud back to an on-premise system.

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06 Nov' 15
digital economy

Digital Economy – Present & the Future

Don Tapscott, a Canadian author and business executive, was the first to coin the term ‘Digital Economy’ in 1995 with the release of his best-selling book, ‘The Digital Economy: Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence’. From the introduction of desktop university by Sun Microsystems to emergence of e-connected purchasing systems by Wal-Mart, Tapscott went on to cite various examples to explain the concept of Digital Economy – a computerized economy that turns simplification and hyper-connectivity into synonymous terms.

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03 Nov' 15
technology and enterprise market

How Tech-Innovations Are Transforming the Enterprise Market in the Asia Pacific

The brisk pace of tech-innovations is profoundly transforming the enterprise landscape across the Asia-Pacific. Mobility, software-defined everything (SDE), big data, sophisticated security challenges and an all-ubiquitous cloud are redefining consumer behavior, work culture, and how companies leverage and interact with technology in this always-switched-on era.

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