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19 Oct' 15
marshmallow Doze

Marshmallow’s DOZE MODE And How It Is Handled by GCM

It is not every day that a mobile operating system’s upgrade lives up to its promise. But that just might be happening with Android’s Marshmallow. According to a research by a German tech magazine Computer Base, a Marshmallow powered Nexus 5 enjoys almost three times more battery life that the same device running on its predecessor Lollipop.

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21 Sep' 15
Restful API in PHP

RESTful APIs In PHP: Why Do You Need Them?

When an application is moved to the Web, the process also involves transitioning the application programming interface (API) along with it. However, there had been a downside until recently. Traditionally, APIs were built around a remote procedure call (RPC) in order to make these interfaces look and feel like functions.

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17 Sep' 15
Google Places API for Android

How Can Your App Benefit From Google Places API?

Back in May this year, Google announced the arrival of its Places Application Program Interface or Places API. It is developed over and above the existing 100 million places around the globe that are already stored in Google’s database. Although the Places API is already available as a web service, its inclusion in developing iOS and Android native apps in recent months has greatly enhanced the overall user experience (UX) by utilizing the location signals of mobile devices.

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11 Sep' 15
Android Lollipop API

7 Android Lollipop APIs that are Stealing the Show

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is slated to release in the next few weeks but it’s too early to ditch what we have in hand right now – Android Lollipop. Spanning between versions 5.0 and 5.1.1, Lollipop has been a breath of fresh air especially for mobile developers with bundles of new features, and over 5,000 newly included Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used by applications.

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09 Sep' 15
Responsive Website Design

Don’t Miss: 10 Responsive Website Design Trends In 2015

New ideas are constantly evolving when it comes to website design. In 2014, use of minimalistic colors, flat design, three-dimensional transition effects and background videos were popular. This year responsive website design trends has gained more significance, and if you are considering designing a new website or making it mobile-friendly, you are treading the right path.

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28 Aug' 15
Ubercart Or Drupal Commerce

Ubercart Or Drupal Commerce: Which One To Choose For Your Online Store?

As per latest figures, with approximately 47,000 installations to its credit, Ubercart seem to be gradually taking the thunder away from Drupal Commerce which has nearly 45 percent less downloads at 26,000 installations. Well, Drupal Commerce certainly has its own set of theatrics but Ubercart seem to be offering some cutting edge possibilities that are making it the cooler cousin.

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25 Aug' 15
Android 6.0 marshmallow

M For Marshmallow

Android Marshallow launch No it’s not milkshake or muffin, not even moon pie or mocha! Putting an end to all wild speculations yet keeping up with its lip-smacking nomenclature theme, search engine giant Google has christened the sixth version of its Android operating system (OS), Marshmallow.

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21 Aug' 15
C# and dot net

Is C# here to stay for .NET?

If you thought C# has been around for far too long and that it must have lost its luster over these years, you are probably wrong. Whoever wishes to develop for the Microsoft ecosystem needs to use C# as a primary language.C# helps developers optimize everything that is Microsoft-related, be it building web apps using .

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17 Aug' 15
Backbone.jas developer

Add Structure to Your Codes and Simplify App Design with Backbone.js

Planning to opt for Java to script your web application development but getting lost in that mind-boggling range of frameworks? Given its high popularity quotient, using JavaScript code with the Backbone.js Model seems to be a great idea.

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