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11 Aug' 15
phonegap mobile app development

PhoneGap: The Answer To All Mobile App Development Needs

The rising dependency on mobile applications is driving businesses to perk up their investments in helping customers stay in touch on the go. According to Go-Globe, a Dubai-based web app design and development firm, the estimated worldwide revenue from mobile apps is predicted to reach 45 billion by the end of this year, and go on to touch 77 billion by 2017.

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04 Aug' 15
Content vs Design


When it comes to designing a social page, businesses often tend to miss the devil in details in their hurry to add custom themes, personalize backgrounds, experiment with new fonts or pursue any such mission that ultimately contributes only to the page’s decorative value. Unfortunately, they miss out on paying attention to content, which is supposed to be the ‘King’, after all.

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30 Jul' 15


Soon after the launch of Windows 10 on July 29, Satya Nadella (centre), the CEO of Microsoft tweeted from his handle ‏@satyanadella, saying, “Honored to celebrate with #Windows10 fans in Nairobi and meet the next-generation of innovators! (sic)”
Following the release of Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29 amid much fanfare, like a proud mum, tech biggie Microsoft gushed on microblogging site Twitter, saying, “The best Windows ever is here… (sic)” In the world of technology, claims and reality rarely match.

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24 Jul' 15
Cloud ERP

ERP on Cloud — The Way to Smarter Business

Most companies that consider Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation often envision it to be an on-premise solution, something that will be installed across computers and other devices within an organization. On-premise ERP is extensive, expensive and quite often, resource draining as well.

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07 Jul' 15
PHP 7 features

PHP Latest Version — What to Watch Out For?

Developers across the world are looking forward to PHP 7, which is scheduled to be released on the November 12, this year. Built on an experimental PHP branch called PHPNG (PHP next generation), PHP 7 shows close to 100% augmentation in performance. Moreover, it also features a reworked and refactored Zend Engine—an open source scripting engine that specifically interprets this programming language.

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02 Jul' 15
mobile development services

Hybrid Mobile App – Why is it perfect for your business?

The recent explosion of mobile device sales and the steady advent of Build Your Own Device (BYOD) practices have made mobile app developers work harder to provide features that were just a dream a couple of years back in the mobile app market. In fact, according to statistics evaluation portal Statista, the stupendous popularity of mobile apps will hit an estimated 270 billion downloads in 2017.

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26 Jun' 15
custom app development

Say No to Clones. Go for Custom Development.

When it comes to application development, the proof really is in the pudding. While apps built on readymade scripts look generic and lack unique features, custom developed apps look smarter and look more ‘put-together’. Yet, a number of companies are sold into the idea of reducing costs and choosing to build apps built on readymade scripts.

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12 Jun' 15
magento development india

Top 10 Tips for Magento Web Development

Are you a budding e-entrepreneur for whom soaring traffic and spiking sales have always remained an elusive dream? Take cues from the bigwigs like Samsung, Lenovo or Ford, and use Magento to power your online store.Robust, feature-rich, open source and backed by an extensive range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), this e-commerce-platform has taken the world of web development by storm.

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10 Jun' 15
Mobile Apps

10 Custom Mobile Apps You Can’t Do Without

Be it to shed a few kilos or rustle up some gourmet grub, be it to manage savings or get some adrenaline rush from G2 car race – there is a mobile app for everything. However, app markets are seemingly in chaos, and it is not easy to tell useful from the gibberish.

For those keen on easing life with smart tools, but not in a spirit to sift through millions in the App Store or Google Play Store, here are 10

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04 Jun' 15

Will OpenStack be a success?

The recent launch of an open source cloud platform called OpenStack (OS) has created quite a buzz in the cloud computing space. The early adopters in the Hype Cycle have already started deploying it but the real question is whether OpenStack is ready for enterprises to run their business critical application on it or not.

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