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Come August 3, Google will pull off the plug on PageSpeed


Users are well acquainted with what can be termed as Google’s seasonal purging efforts that involve getting rid of apparently non-lucrative projects in favor of new, more exciting ones. Google’s Translation APIs and Google Woza are good cases in point. This time it is the page speed service that got axed as the internet giant is calling for “refocus” into areas that need more attention.

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For nearly half a decade PageSpeed Service has been used by the website administrators to automatically reduce loading time of their web pages. The service uses a number of tricks and techniques such as compressing image, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and website files to enable the site to reach the end user faster. The service also caches static files and then delivers them to the worldwide audience via Google’s servers.

Come August, website owners will no longer be able to use this free service to boost their site speed. The sites that currently leverage the service will need to update their Domain Name System (DNS) — an Internet service that turns domain names into IP addresses – before the service page goes dark. Failing to do so may mean users will no longer be able to access your site.

However there are a number of content delivery network (CDN) providers that offer more or less the same service. For example, Cloudfare, Nginx and MaxCDN offer pretty much the same result with the added advantage of beefed-up security – a feature that was not a part of Google PageSpeed service. Alternatively you can avail third party services; Google’s recommendations are:  EdgeCast Edge Optimizer, which offers Google PageSpeed as part of their CDN offering.

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    Joshua Marantz, May 27, 2015 at 7:40 pm Reply

    Hi — the headline is a little misleading. We are only sunsetting PageSpeed Service. The other PageSpeed products are still supported.

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