14 Sep' 15

Comply with Google’s new EU cookie policy by September 30

Google EU cookie policy

When you access myriad websites from your desktop, tablet or smart phone, do you ever wonder how these sites are storing and recovering information on your devices? Well, without giving you any inkling these web cookies or small data files that most websites use to store and remember the browsing history of a user, actually fetch data back from your PC or phone whenever required.

Recently, however, the authorizing body of European Union (EU) data protection has requested US-based Google to update its cookie policy, as it wasn’t happy with the way US-based websites have been targeting the European Internet users. Based on this suggestion, Google has updated its user consent policy, directing site owners and publishers using its services including Google AdSense to incorporate the necessary changes by the end of this month.

google cookie policy

What should you do?

Google makes it mandatory for all websites to apply the necessary changes, as directed in their blog. We suggest, you get in touch with a webmaster, who will be able to conduct a cookie audit and determine the right kind of cookies needed for your site. If you are a WordPress user, use a cookie information plugin and educate your visitors on how and why you use cookies, and give them the control to allow your cookies on their devices.

What happens if you don’t comply? Your website does not only run the risk of enforcement actions by the EU regulators, but it can also result in a fine or more stringent action, if you fail to comply to the Google EU cookie policy before the said time-frame.

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