29 Apr' 15

Conversion from PSD to XHTML: How does it help?

convert psd to xhtml

It all started with PSD to HTML conversion, which was perhaps the most practiced method of transforming a design to HTML. Eventually, with the arrival of the newest technology like PSD to XHTML, the process has become simple. PSD to XHTML conversion process is more efficient- it helps to design a better structure that is free of error.

The Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language (XHTML) is the advanced version of HTML. It is an amalgamation of the XML and the HTML, which maintains the rules of the XML. The files can be read and altered with the help of the basic XML tools. The finished product of the XHTML is an alternative of the HTML. It can be used to view the applications supported by both the XML and the HTML.

For the sites that do not work on all browsers equally, converting your PSD files to XHTML can be a solution to this problem. Converting to XHTML makes all the pages on your website compatible to all browsers and reduces the uploading time as well.

“Cross Browser Compatibility” and “Semantic Coding” are other major advantages offered by the conversion. The “Cross Browser Compatibility” enables the websites to work on each and every browser like the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari etc. “Semantic coding” also allows sites to appear the same across the world in terms of the pixel perfection.

The latest technology of conversion of PSD to XHTML has gained immense popularity in the recent times mainly because it is cost effective. The service also provides the website with the W3C validation by equipping the site under the proper standard guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium.

PSD to XHTML conversion also makes integrating contact and enquiry forms with the website easier.

Main features of PSD to XHTML conversion:

  • W3C Validated Codes
  • Multiple browser compatibility
  • SEO oriented
  • Quick load
  • Pixel perfect cropping
  • Easy crawl by browsers because of clean code
  • User-friendly and upgradable codes
  • Table-less coding

Therefore, the PSD to XHTML conversion provides a number of benefits to the websites. It is wise to seek a professional help so as to experience the advantages of the latest technology, however, within a given span of time.


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