08 Jul' 16

Secure and Cost-Effective App Development: How Can We Help

Cost Effective App Development

With the great surge of ecommerce business, almost every online shopping store has released their applications to get an access to a wider market on the go. Fortunately, consumers have welcomed this effort and have happily installed these apps in their Smartphones. However, at the time of payment, most of the buyers prefer to opt for ‘Cash on Delivery’ mode, rather than going with the other payment options. One of the main reasons for selecting this option is cyber security (or rather insecurity).

While the apps hit the market, the hackers work hard to tap into them to carry on their phishing activities. So, even if you think that the app is secure because it belongs to a reputable company, you may actually be daydreaming.

Almost billions of dollars have been raked due to cyber crime in 2015. Data breach is further a costly loss, which opened confidential account information of millions of users in the market, and that have been further used for fraudulent purposes.

Hence, app development companies need to be very careful during the software development life cycle (SDLC) process and put more emphasis on the security. This will even make the app development more cost-effective because you do not have to spend on errors of security, after it has been released in the market.

Time to Reconsider SDLC Stages

Functionalities of an application are definitely important, but security is a primary concern that many developers fail to realize. These companies ignore the safety factors only to meet the deadlines and push it to the final stages of the software development life cycle.

Once the software has been released with loopholes and bugs, the hackers prey on the security issues, making the application extremely vulnerable. The company then has to bring down the app from the market and conduct a security testing process before releasing it again. So, the entire cycle becomes excessively costly and it even damages the reputation of the company.

However, it is not possible to release a completely secured app on the first release. But the developers and the testing experts must take extreme measures to spot the flaws and remove them earlier, during the production cycle.

Cost-effective App Development

The cost of developing an app depends completely on the company. However, it is not necessary that a bug-free app will be expensive to build. The developers need to be careful throughout the SDLC process because this is where they can enhance the security of the application. In case they overlook, and decide to work in the post-launch period, then the development process can turn expensive.

So, be systematic while building an application, it will not only make the app cost-effective but free from the threats of cyber crimes. If you are looking for such an app development team, we can meet your expectations. Please visit our website for more information.

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