11 Jan' 16

Custom eCommerce Solutions For Startups: How We Can Help

Custom eCommerce Solution

Given an option between a tailor-made website and something off-the-shelf which one should you choose for your startup? We’ll tell you. Always choose custom eCommerce solutions for startups.

Compromising on quality is not something that you can afford when it comes to your eCommerce website. Using conventional designs, templates and features will not suffice your business requirements and may lead to performance issues. You need custom eCommerce solutions for startups that offer more flexibility to your e-store and eliminate maintenance woes. If you wish to perform better than your competitors, get an e-commerce site which is feature-rich, lightweight and powered with JavaScript.

Whether you’re selling a few items or an array of products with a huge catalog, we have tailored eCommerce solutions that’s just right for you. Here’s what you can expect:

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Startup

Get your custom eCommerce site for start-up developed with all-encompassing features including:

• Advanced product search tool
• An appealing and professional design
• Categorized and easy to understand navigation
• A shopping cart design with enhanced features such as quantity discounts and tax calculations
• Easy to manage product catalog with several items on display. Ability to upload product images and features to database from your CMS (content management system)
• Payment gateway integration employing different methods including PayPal, credit card, e-checks and even offline payments like cash on delivery and checks.
• Shipping calculators for UPS and FedEx together with XML feeds or CSV file export. This is important for any accounting program such as QuickBooks.
• Order management and archive tool in admin control panel
• Easy tracking of orders

Mobile Compatibility

Benefit from responsive web design services to make your online store function properly in any device, screen or browser. Though generic templates may work on a few devices, but there is no assurance that your site will load fast and display high-resolution product images. Your customers on the go should be able to browse products, add items to cart, make payments and purchase with the simple tap of a button.

Tailored Checkout Process

Depending on the nature of your business, you may require customer-specific pricing or need to process purchase orders. Generic eCommerce solutions fail to manage such requests. This is where the importance of custom services comes into play, helping your startup to tailor the checkout process to adapt to your specific needs.

SEO and Marketing for Your Business

Off-the-rack eCommerce services will provide generic SEO and marketing features for your startup. In most situations, basic features simply do not work. A custom-made e-commerce site assures that your site is tailored for SEO and marketing needs. You’ll even enjoy better branding opportunities with unique design and optimization features. Custom eCommerce SEO helps you figure out the keywords you must use to optimize specific product pages.

Custom eCommerce services for will help your customers track orders, ask product-related questions and resolve issues. If you want to learn more about our custom eCommerce solutions for startups, contact us here.

Radhagobinda Das

Radhagobinda is an e-Commerce Associate with Code{ur}idea. He takes the e-commerce trends seriously enough to include it in our e-commerce strategies.

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