30 May' 16

How To Develop And Monitor Customer Review Management?

Customer Review Management

Believe it or not, review sites such as Yelp, Google Places, and City search are the new Bible of today’s consumers. With nearly half of American consumers stating that they are more likely to visit a business after reading a positive online review, it is easy to see how strongly these user-generated contents influence consumers’ buying behavior. While positive reviews can go a long way to attract new customers, a string of negative reviews may translate into an untimely demise of your venture. This means you must squeeze out time to actively monitor your customer review management – not only to respond to negative comments, but also to promote the positive ones. Here are three key tactics you can try:

Be Proactive

Why keep waiting for positive reviews to flow in? Take a proactive approach, get where your customers are, pay attention to what they say and talk to them. Use tools like Google Alerts to monitor all mentions of your company across the Web. While responding to reviews, make sure to talk like a friend, not like a sales person.

Negative Comments? Don’t Run Away

Follow a consistent policy when it comes to responding to negative reviews. Whenever a negative review appears, respond to it on an urgent basis via a private message. Acknowledge the dissatisfaction, apologize and explain, and also describe how you plan to compensate the inconvenience, preferably through a free service. Once the issue is resolved, post a public response to the review explaining what steps you have taken to resolve the issue with the customer.

Generate More Reviews

Even your most loyal customers sometime need prodding to bring themselves to write reviews. Create a plan to encourage them to post reviews in review sites of their choices. Instead of employing any black hat tactics, directly request them to submit a review. You can also encourage them to talk about your product by posting Yelp check-in offers or including links to review sites.

Customers, as a thumb rule, are attracted to a business that displays human element in its online communications. So take time to respond to your customer feedbacks with a mindset to improve your services. Have more questions about customer review management? Get it touch with us. Our team will show you the right way to successful customer review management.


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