04 Aug' 15


Content vs Design

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When it comes to designing a social page, businesses often tend to miss the devil in details in their hurry to add custom themes, personalize backgrounds, experiment with new fonts or pursue any such mission that ultimately contributes only to the page’s decorative value. Unfortunately, they miss out on paying attention to content, which is supposed to be the ‘King’, after all.

Be it text, image, video or audio track, your social profile content, therefore, should always be the focal point in your social media marketing strategy. If your page lacks on valuable and relevant content, it will fail to accomplish its mission, that is, to make your customers visit it time and again. As digital marketing specialist and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, Lee Odden puts it, “Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom!”
Design, meanwhile is the other side of the coin. Yes, you heard it right, design is as crucial as content. Considering, both go hand in hand, there isn’t really any conflict here. Left alone, they can fall flat without each other’s robust support. An outstanding text without a stunning design is of no use, while a million dollar design with a vague content is as good as staying mum. Iconic graphic designer Paul Rand once said, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” And we can’t agree less!

Therefore, when it comes to making your social profile the face of your brand, you have to focus on both content and design. In fact, corporate profile pages that can do it to the perfection, becomes an asset for the company.

To quote marketing strategist Lee Odden, once again, “Attract. Engage. Convert.” How? Intertwine the best of both worlds – design and content – in your strategy to get your social appeal right.

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