23 May' 16

Smarten Up Your Digital Content Marketing Strategy – Here Is How

Content marketing strategy

Content is king and its importance in the web-sphere continues to grow. Marketers are expanding budget on content, with nearly 50 percent of them spending their time on content creation and delivery.  However, content alone cannot make any significant value addition to your marketing or branding strategy – you will need an online marketing strategy to make it work. Not having a solid content strategy is like having a website that Google does not know about.

A well-defined strategy on the other hand, gives a direction to your marketing efforts. It is more like a goal-oriented business plan that assists you achieve an outcome.

However, there is no magic, one-size-fit-all formula for building an effective content strategy. What worked for someone else may not work for you. Content marketing is a vast, evolving discipline that calls for constant upgrading in order to make it more effective. Here is a five-step guide to help you formulate an effective digital content marketing strategy:

Know Your Audience First

Create content that will appeal to your audience. To do that, first you have to understand who your audience is and what it wants. Customer surveys, interviews, discussions in the online forums and a little bit sneaking into your competitor’s websites are some of the effective ways to find it out.

Use a Wide Spectrum of Content

A smart strategy stands out with a mixed bag of different contents including blogs, guides, infographics, images and videos. The more types of media you use, the greater will be your reach to your audience.

Research and Ideate

Research your market to identify its inherent problems. Now weave your contents around those issues, answering questions, solving problems and offering help. The idea is to sound like an authority in your industry, so that people turn to your resources when in need.


To stand out in the competition, you need to create high quality content consistently. To go on producing high quality content on a consistent basis may not be a cakewalk if writing is not your forte. Outsourcing is fine, but make sure that your writing team strictly follows the guidelines vis-a-vis the style, tone and the business messages you wish to communicate to your audience.

Evaluate and Learn from Mistakes

Take help of the analytics to identify the weak spots. Compare the under-performing contents with the more effective ones. Modify and republish them across the channels.  You are more likely to run across a better outcome in your subsequent efforts.

Remember, the perfect digital content is not created overnight. It may take a lot of brainstorming and several sleepless nights to finally devise a workable strategy. Why beat around the bush? Contact us today. Our content marketing team can give your digital content marketing strategy the right boost. Seize the right opportunities and take the big leap.


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