19 Nov' 15

Digital Marketing for Mobile: Things You Need To Know

digital marketing for mobile

Okay, so you have a website with a plethora of product or services to offer. Great. But does your business show up in Google searches? Because if your business is not found by prospective customers, all your efforts go down the drain.

Digital marketing implies doing things fast. And, the most significant aspect of digital marketing for mobile is to be found easily by your customers on their smartphones or tablets. You would like them to look for your products or services or read content related to their business on their mobile devices. Reports show that 60 percent of online activities in the US happen via mobile devices. Mobiles and tablets (combined) comprise 38 percent of web traffic globally. PCs and laptops, on the contrary, witnessed a 13 percent drop in internet traffic. As a website owner, you must take these figures seriously and determine what it signifies with regard to digital marketing for mobile.

Potential customers are using their mobiles to realize their online goals. If your content is not attuned to fit their needs, they will surely visit your competitor’s site. Therefore, focusing on online marketing is important. It also boils down to mobile SEO.

Best Practices for Mobile SEO

If your website is only optimized for the search engines, you need to roll up your sleeves fast and focus on mobile SEO best practices:

Focus on Mobile Keywords: Search Engine Land, a daily publication on search marketing industry, found that 62 percent of organic searches demonstrate totally dissimilar results on mobiles and PCs. So, use your mobile keywords carefully to reach out to the right audience.

Embracing JavaScript, CSS or Images Counts: Even a few years back, some of the handheld devices didn’t support JavaScript, CSS and images. Webmasters of mobile websites blocked these elements. The scenario has changed now with the use of high-end smartphones. These components help search engines ascertain whether your website is responsive or not. It’s also important for Google to understand whether your mobile site is responsive or if you have a different mobile solution.

Page Speed – Page speed is crucial for mobile users due to various problems related to hardware and connectivity. Optimize your site’s images. Besides, you also need to make the most of browser caching, lessen or eliminate redundant characters from code and minimize redirects.

Design Your Site for Mobile – Choosing the right design is imperative to make your site mobile-friendly. From the SEO aspect, responsive design is ideal, and is also recommended by Google. A dynamic website is one that displays content to PC and mobile users. A distinct mobile site might involve some extra work, but it’s worth the effort. Choose the appropriate design based on your business requirements.

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Designing Buttons Carefully – When navigating pages using a touch screen phone, users may hit accidental clicks. In order to minimize such possibilities, make sure that you design buttons carefully so that they are neither too large nor too small.

Local Search – You need to optimize your content for local search in case your business is localized. Add a uniform name, contact number, street address, city and name of the state in the metadata.
Schema.org Structured Data –Use schema.org structured data to stick out in search results with the help of quality snippets.

Business owners need to work hard to make their digital marketing efforts successful. If you need any further assistance on digital marketing services for mobile, contact us here.

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