25 Feb' 16


digital wallet


Handing out dirty germ-infested paper money – stoneagish!
Safe, seamless, and incredibly convenient tap-and-go fiscal transaction – welcome to the highly sophisticated world of e-wallet!

With e-commerce big daddies Apple, Google, PayPal and Amazon getting on board with virtual money, digital wallets are steadily taking strides into the mainstream. A study by Thrive Analytics, a US-based digital technology research and advisory firm, showed that consumers are carrying less cash today, with 50 percent of all consumers carrying less than $20 on a regular basis. The financial gurus are of the opinion that the momentum is here to stay, eventually coming to dominate the entire payment landscape.

E-Wallet: The 21st Century Payment Solution for the 21st Century Consumers

It is easy to see why consumers are drawn to digital wallet. To begin with, it frees you from carrying a bulged-out wallet. It ensures a fast and convenient check-out, as it saves you from manually entering card and shipping information every time you are buying something online. No more struggle to fish out the right loyalty card once you have reached the finishing point of a long queue. And you can completely rule out the risk of typos that can happen when entering data on the super-sensitive touch-screens And yes intricately coded algorithms guard all your sensitive information. In a nutshell, digital wallet can make your life less cumbersome in an ever-changing technology landscape.

Are Businessmen Riding The Wave?

For store-owners, integrating digital wallet in your store will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. There are many enticing reasons behind that; a faster checkout will reduce the numbers of cart-abandonment. This means higher sales, and ultimately more revenue for your online store. The increasingly sophisticated e-wallet systems support a full range of devices – desktop, laptop, tab or smartphone, which implies the freedom of device-agnostic shopping for your customers and multiple revenue channels for you. In fact, digital wallet applications are expected to expand far beyond retail transactions and enter such arenas as fund transfer, real estate closings, medical payments and even fundraising.

Businessmen need to always be where their customers are, and therefore go with the trend. At the same time, it is also important for e-commerce start-ups to pick the digital wallet option that best suits their business type and their customers.

Are you a start-up keen on riding the e-wallet bus, but don’t know how to choose among big-ticket payment brands? We are here to help.

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Sougat Hajra

Global Delivery Manager

Sougat is the Global Delivery Manager with Code{UR}Idea. He is an expert with e-Commerce- development, deployment and design.

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