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Making a mark in the online business world and building a reputation is hard. I mean, it is really really hard! You could feel that with Internet around, things might get easier for start-ups. But, it won’t unless you know how to work it. Think about it, there are at least more than a hundred different companies trying to sell the same things you are. So, obviously you need something ‘out of the ordinary’ as a start-up to get noticed. Why not start with marketing the story of your start-up? Every brand has a story and telling it to your customers can certainly work for you. Letting them know how your company was formed- what made you take the plunge, the difficulties you had to overcome and how you did it, can help people understand your brand better. So, how do you tell the story or market your start-up? Read on.

It is about human connection

Getting your target audience to trust you can be hard, especially when there is a crowd of service providers bringing them eye-popping, jaw-dropping packages and offers every day. Give human connection a shot, and allow your clients to see the reason, motivation, and priorities for your company.

It is not about creating a viral videos or PR stunt. You don’t have to be artsy or go into the nitty-gritty of your product or service. Be incredibly direct and honest in giving a transparent view of how your company came to be, what you want to achieve for your clients, and what motivates your team. If done right, storytelling can be a great start-up marketing and reputation building approach. And, it is pretty feasible too.

It is Not a Sales Pitch

Let your start-up marketing strategy handle the sales pitches and come up with creative ways to get clients to sign deals. Brand or company storytelling is about building relations. Add personality to your story, talk about the people behind the startup, and the clients you have worked with till now. Bringing testimonials to the equation can make things real and trustworthy. And, please don’t be boring. Keep it short and simple. Adding a bit humor wouldn’t hurt.

It is Not A Case Study Either

No! it is not. So, stop adding statistical data about your products or services. Talk about your startup’s weaknesses, strengths, and ‘light bulb’ moments instead. Genuine human relations are built upon communication, and that is the primary purpose of this story telling process. To build relationships. So, getting your target audience to respond through your story’s conversational tone can be an awesome experience and a great thing for your business too.

Story telling is about giving your start-up a voice that your clients can talk to and trust. It is an opportunity of sharing your dreams, your small failures, and big achievements. In short, it is that one thing that can give your business a human face. So, what’s your story? Share it with us or contact us and we will help your startup find its voice. Mail us at info@codeuridea.com for your unique start-up marketing strategy.

Suman Chanda

Business Analyst

Suman works as a business analyst with Shield Watch. From pin to pencil, he is the person we go to for everything!

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