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effective project management

From start-up entities to huge enterprises, precision in project management is more than just a preference, it’s a necessity now. Business organizations run more than a couple of operations simultaneously to achieve business targets. Dividing business operations in different parts is considered the best way of managing operations with control, expertise, and supervision. But maintaining connection in segregated departments and establishing a collaborated effort is what get things done at the end. As proper collaboration is absolutely necessary, managers turn to software, designed to shoulder this particular duty.

From controlling resources to generating reports for decision-making, these project management applications can help in creating and developing the workflow. Here are a few of the many applications that have maximized the efficiency while reducing risk during operation execution for business structures.

Active Collab: This nifty software comes with a huge collection of features and attributes to cater to a variety of industries. With top-of-the-line operation, organizing, collaboration and time tracking solutions this application can offer you total control and supervision on your every operation.


• Task delegation
• File sharing
• Instant chat
• Internal communication

Hubstuff: For a precise time tracking and project management solution, Hubstuff is considered one of the best. It works by taking screen shots of the computer monitor (at random times) to present data. It can also check activity of your mouse to calculate the idleness. This application comes with easy integration facility to work well with your existing set-up.


• Time tracking
• Screenshot function
• Minimizes distractions
• Automatic payments

Redbooth/Teambox: This software is considered one of the most capable social collaboration tools available. Simplifying the operation in handling company-wide collaboration is its forte. Contractors, freelancers, and business entities that look for enterprise class solutions, use this software.


• Easy online communication and file transfer
• Easy task creation
• Offers plug-in for Outlook and Gmail notification
• One place storage for your files

Basecamp: This application is one of the favourites among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business entities, because it offers an easy communication platform. This application is available for both IOS and Android devices to help you manage projects on the go.


• Easy communication negates the requirement of multi-layered email threads
• Quick file transfer facility between business, clients, and colleagues
• Standard project template creation (to reduce work repetition)

Huddle: Besides offering project management solutions to around 90,000 companies all around the globe, Huddle is very popular among many government organizations as well. Security and precision are the primary USPs of Huddle.


• Offers data storage with encryption facility
• Users can take advantage of work process tracking
• Offers a platform for discussion

Projecturf: Updates information as the operation progresses. This application has user-friendly interface and makes file, calendar, and discussion management easy. Just like Google Docs, Projecturf offers real-time collaboration facility.


• Personalization facility helps you to change the UI, URL, theme, and more.
• Offers an update log for easy work process tracking
• It has basic tools for finance management
• Security measurements are high-end and reliable

Apollo: This project management software offers perfect operation tracking service and sends notification to attract user attention. Projects are continuously updated, which gives you real-time data on progress. It can be accessed from tablets, smartphones and other business devices.


• Easy integration with existing business setup
• Protecting integrity and privacy of data with high-end security measures
• Offers quality customer support and suggestions

Be it a small team working on straightforward business operations or a group pursuing enterprise class results through project management, precise collaboration is your only hope for success. Specific tools designed with dynamic features can help you in collaborating different business parts to make the big picture work. Contact us for more information and how to’s on project management applications.

Soma Bose

Project Manager

Soma is the Project Manager with Code{UR}Idea and we call her the 'tech-pro'. When not working she loves reading about new technical trends and writes about them.

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