03 Jul' 15

Free Yourself from IT Constraints on this Fourth of July

There is no joy greater than the joy of being independent, isn’t it? The feeling of being the captain of your own ship and steering your small business towards the desired destination of greatness is indeed a sensation that can hardly be received from anything else. With July 4 knocking at the door, it’s bound to fill you up with renewed zeal and innovative ideas that will inch you closer to entrepreneurship success. We wish you all the luck on your journey ahead!

Limited manpower may act as an information technology (IT) constraint and hamper your small business growth. We, at Code{UR}Idea, understand that this can be taxing, and this is the reason why we urge you to trust in our IT solutions. We maintain a dedicated department that can proactively look after your IT needs while you solely focus on running your business.

Take a brief look at our comprehensive IT services that can open up new avenues for your business — big or small — and change the entire landscape of your vision.

CRM Tools: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help control business-customer relationship by automating sales, gaining actionable customer insights, and managing customer data and customer interaction.

Managed IT solutions: We specialize in standardizing operations and safeguarding information with our expertise in the areas of remote Monitoring and Management (MNM), Application Management, Hosting Services and Disaster Recovery.

ERP Software: Be it for inventory management or product planning, we can help you collect, manage and interpret data for your core business processes. Error-free production and transactions will result in excellent expansion opportunities.

Web Services: We can offer you a plethora of web services such as web design, web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), and help you grow your all-important online presence.

While the United States of America (USA) celebrates Independence Day as a family, give yourself a personal taste of freedom on this July 4. Contact us by clicking here and let us help you off load some of your IT burdens.


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