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GIFs in Content Marketing? Oh Yes!

Gifs in Content Marketing

Over the past few of years, content marketing has been increasingly shifting its focus towards the visual aspect. According to a study conducted by Demand Gen Report, a US-based publication that focuses on marketing strategies, in 2014 the use of info-graphics saw a whopping increase — from a meager nine percent it shot up to 52 percent, while video adoption jumped from eight percent to 58 percent. Furthermore, a recent survey by US-based media company Social Media Examiner reveals that 70 percent of marketers have vowed to increase the use of visual content drastically, this year. While everyone is going gaga over slideshows, videos and info-graphics, smart marketers are using a lesser-known (read lightweight) yet equally effective form of visual content – Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

Businesses are increasingly relying on the ‘storytelling’ method, and GIFs are the perfect vehicle to get the message across in a uniquely succinct manner. The importance of GIFs in content marketing is increasing day by day. A picture is processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain. Just imagine how GIFs — a combination of numerous pictures into a short moving image — can invoke emotions and instantaneously communicating with the target audience.

Here are some examples of using GIFs in content marketing For instance, a still image of a cat sitting idle (no matter how cute) is seriously no fun.

Gif for content

However, it’s tells a better story when presented in an animated GIF form.

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How GIFs can elevate your content strategy:

GIFs are master storytellers. Here are three ways GIFs can come in handy in your content marketing strategy:

1. Light-hearted and understandable

GIFs are not exclusive to humorous content only. They are equally competent in educating viewers about serious business as well. We know how much fun can learning be when the process itself carries a playful and cherry vibe. GIFs in content marketing exactly serve this purpose. For instance, look at how the GIF below works excellently for men’s fashion portal Jack Spade.

how to make gif

And how about this interesting GIF on tackling your earplugs!

content marketing tips

2. Enhancement in communication with GIFs in Content Marketing

Just like regular images and videos, GIFs are fun and easy to grasp. In fact, they are more efficient in breaking the barriers of language by conveying concepts to a multilingual crowd in the simplest manner. They can come in handy if you’re aiming to target a global audience. In brief, GIFs talk less, convey more.

3. Increase in engagement and sharing

GIFs tend to serve one of the most desired attributes of an engaging content – being entertaining enough to retain viewers to the web page. This is why websites such as BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop etc use GIFs in their posts frequently, engaging visitors more often and driving them to share the content.

Just one word of caution before you start. If you want to use GIFs for content as a tool to promote serious business, do not go overboard using off-track GIFs such as cartoons or movie still compilations as this may strip off the seriousness of your marketing campaign. Use GIFs to give your content writing strategy a persuasive edge but always remember to keep things relevant to your business goals.

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