05 Oct' 15

Should You Use GIFs In Facebook Page And Ad Posts?

GIFs In Facebook Page and Ad Posts

Want to add zing to your social media marketing efforts? Simply animate your campaign with images that replay automatically on loops, and are lovingly called the ‘Reaction GIFs’ by Netizens. They give you a fun and compelling way to prove your point in online communities. People’s interests in ‘Reaction GIFs’ is soaring high. According to Marketing Land, a US-based publication focused on digital marketing, ‘Reaction GIFs’ are predicted to reach its peak in 2016, a lot of credit owing to Tumbler. Compared to other two social media bigwigs – Twitter and Pinterest, Facebook was a late adopter of this visual tool. When it finally welcomed animated GIFs a couple of months back, these fun clips were reserved for use only on personal profiles. Thank God, Facebook has now finally decided to get over its restraints, and we can use GIFs in Facebook page and ad posts, too. Wendy’s and Coca-Cola’s Brazilian brand Kuat were the first two companies to post GIFs in Facebook page, late last month.

So, brand marketers, you have some strong reasons to celebrate!  Wondering why? Well, below are two reasons to try out this new feature for your social media marketing services:

Attention-grabbing: These short playful clips are no less than cool show stealers that instantly manage to grab the attention of your audience in an otherwise busy news feed.

Emotion-evoking: Animated GIFs have real gimmick value – they can show your excitement, coax out some knee-jerk reactions from users, making the audience laugh or cry. This emotional connection, in turn, compels users to share.

Depending on your marketing goals, you can use these crisp visual tools in four ways:

  • Create hype prior to a product release by offering sneak peeks of the new item
  • Publicize your product by showcasing its strong points
  • Create share-worthy content that has the potential to go viral
  • Add a humorous dimension to your brand personality

Interested in adding some GIF-ability to your Facebook page and show how exciting your product is? The best part is they are extremely easy to incorporate. All you need to do is copy the link to the GIF you want to use, paste it into the status update field and post. Yes, that’s all. And yes, Facebook lets you choose GIFs from an array of third party sources including Giphy, Tumblr, Imgur, Google Image search and more.

Why not give a twist to your brand story, using these super-short loop images? We can help you create some really eye-catching animations to help offer your customers a glimpse of what it’s like to do business with you! Contact us here.

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