13 Jun' 16

How To Work Smart And Become A Gmail Expert

Gmail Expert

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Most of us are Gmailers here, right? Even those who are not yet ready to abandon their decade-old Yahoo or MSN accounts, are leaning towards making Gmail their primary choice. How did Gmail increase its client base? Well, not just by advertising of course, but by frequently changing its looks, operation structure, and bundling all of that with trendy features. From security to personalization, Gmail apparently has option(s) for everything. But, if you are one of those overachievers who understand the relation between miracles and smart work, then here we have a few suggestions to help you turn into a Gmail expert.

Clearing Up Space

Is your Gmail experience getting sluggish? Or are you afraid that the new sets of e-mails won’t get into your account because you are out of space? Don’t panic, just clean up the space by selecting and deleting large e-mails. Now, sorting through thousands of e-mails to find only big ones can push you to open a new account. But, that is not necessary. All you need to do is type ‘larger: 10m’ in Gmail’s search bar and voila! All those huge files would be right in front of you.

Identify Typos Automatically

Your Gmail account has the capability to correct your spelling mistakes. No, you do not need to link MS word to your account or pull the content from any other writing/editing software. Your Gmail account has everything you need on-board. To activate the spell check process, open your compose window, and click on the down arrow right next to the trash can (discard draft) button. Click on the ‘check spelling‘ option on the menu and all the misspelled words would be highlighted. Goodbye embarrassing typos, we’ve had enough of you.

Undo Send Feature

Have you sent an email without attaching important files, or your name may be! These things do happen, especially when you are really pressed for time. But, now with Gmail, you do not have to live with that mistake. Enabling undo send feature can help you rectify such mistakes. To activate this feature, you need to click on the settings tab (on the upper right corner) and enable the Undo send feature. Set the duration of delay before your mail is sent. Remember, those few seconds may be the difference between ‘assess’ and ‘asses’. You know what we mean.

Sharing Huge Files

Gmail only allows you to send or receive files that stay within 25MB. But, does that mean your business or personal file sending choices would be limited by this rule? Nope! Not while you have Google Drive. You can upload files as huge as 15 GB. To send them through e-mail just click on the Google drive button placed on the foot of the email compose window. Then select the files you want to send and start your merry mailing spree.

Well, now that you are (at least four times) wiser than you were in using Gmail account, be sure to take advantage of that in business or personal life. Becoming a Gmail expert is easy. Keep reading our blog for more such interesting lifehacks.

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