18 Aug' 15

Google Chrome Vs Microsoft Edge: Who Will Win The Browser Battle?

google chrome vs edge

Let’s face it. With over one billion active users, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the king of all web browsers across the world. Who could’ve challenged it anyway? As of June this year, Mozilla Firefox, with 21.3 percent of browser usage, was the closest competitor to Chrome’s awe-inspiring 64.8 percent monopoly. Although Internet Explorer (IE) performances have bombed badly, Microsoft has never been the one to give up a fight. On July 29, the company released its latest version of Windows, and along with it, offered something that IE could never be – Microsoft Edge. After two weeks of its arrival, this IE replacement is already being touted as the perfect rival to challenge Chrome. Is it really worthy of this fame, or can Chrome easily get the upper hand? We decode.

Who has the extra ‘edge’?

After Edge’s release, US-based digital media portal Mashable conducted a series of tests by pitting Chrome version 44 against Edge on an HP laptop with 8GB RAM and 2.2GHz Intel Core i5 processor. Each test was performed three times, and the average was considered as the final outcome.

Test 1: Real-world speed

chrome vs edge test

When the Mashable website was opened in both Chrome and Edge browsers, the former showed a better loading speed and it barely managed to overpower the latter. However, this difference is hard to notice through the naked eye.

Test 2: SunSpider JavaScript

chrome and edge

Developed by Apple in 2007, SunSpider is a popular JavaScript benchmark that is used to compare web browsers and determine which is better at handling performance issues. In this test, lower scores are considered of higher value. Based on the evaluation, Microsoft Edge clearly has the edge over Chrome.

Test 3: Futuremark Peacekeeper

Google chrome and microsoft edge

Peacekeeper, another JavaScript benchmark, has a more detailed set of assessments that includes text parsing and rendering capabilities. Unlike SunSpider, higher scores are considered better in this test. From the scores above, it is clear that Chrome has smoked past Edge in this trial.

Who wins the battle?

Obviously, these tests leave no doubt that Chrome is still the king, but Edge is no slouch either. Edge comes as a breath of fresh air after its predecessor, IE, left a sour taste in the mouth. Edge is certainly still in a stage of infancy, yet, we strongly believe that it is capable of going toe to toe with the giant. And believe us when we say it, because some of its features such as Cortana integration, real-time annotations, and webpage sharing, have already started blowing the roof off. As time passes by, we can expect Edge to include browser extensions, too.

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