07 Dec' 15

Google Natural Search Gets Better at Understanding Complex Queries

Google Natural Search Gets Better On Complex Queries

Google says that its natural search is getting smarter by handling time-based queries, superlatives and complex questions in a better way. Satyajeet Salgar, the company’s Product Manager, said that Google natural search is now trying to understand the meaning of users’ queries in three ways. The search function will simply decode a query entered by a user based on the following aspects:

Time-based Questions

Google’s natural language search now better understands how date or time is related to any query. For instance, you can enter a query, “What was Singapore’s population in 1965?” The search engine is smart enough to come up with the correct answer. It will show 1.879 million, which was the population back then. Similarly, you can ask questions like, “Which songs were recorded by Taylor Swift in 2014?”


Google’s natural search function has now a better understanding of superlatives like ‘largest’, ‘tallest’, ‘smallest’, etc. Do you have questions like, “Which is the largest city in North Dakota?” The search engine will delight you with the right answer. It is Fargo with a population of 113,658 people. Want to know which is the least populous city in North Dakota? Google has the answer to this as well. The answer is Ruso with a population of just four, as in 2013.

Complex Queries

The giant search engine now better comprehends complex questions or a set of complex queries. Consider this question which has different search levels: “What was America’s population when Bernie Sanders was born?” Google has to understand which Sanders a user is asking about, which year he was born and what was the population of US at that time. What Google will do is look through a huge volume of database and surprise a user with the correct answer – America’s population in 1941 was 133.4 million. Google natural search is smart and quick to answer complex questions in less than a second. You can also ask questions like, “What are some of the movies in which Ben Stiller appeared with his father?” or “Who was the US President when the Vietnam War began?”

Do you have more difficult questions? Ask Google and you will get your answers within seconds!

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